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  1. I know im a bit late, but could I get Cali Gov 2006? Liberalpa14@yahoo.com
  2. Yes! i restarted, i mine finally works! wooT!
  3. it turns out i also had a dot a 193,170. i got rid of that, fixed up the border a bit, put the coordinates 193,169 in the region variables, but the message is still there. BTW in electorate trends, if i only have one region, how many regions should i say i have because it says" put in the number of regions your country has (plus one for DC)" so do i say zero because 0+1 would give me 1 region, or 1 because i dont have DC?
  4. imstill not sure exactly where the co-ordinates have to be.
  5. Heres what the map looks like right now.
  6. what coordinates should i use? i tried the middle of the region (theres only one) but it still gave me the error.
  7. i am trying to make my first scenario, but every time i start the election, i get an error that says "Invalid Bitmap" can someone help me?
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