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Been here quite long, so about time i typed one up.

I'm a frequent scenario creator here, on and off since mid-2007. I have a keen interest in developing Historical British elections on a local and national basis, including by-elections. I have also delved into pure fictional scenarios or fictional ones with an interest in UK politics. I am also interested in doing national elections for under-represented countries involved in the game as a whole. This is what really adds depth to the game, as the list of possibilities are endless. My aim is to provide a wide choice of scenarios, not only for those present today but for future players of the game, and it may make the game more attractive to be worth a buy.

I had been looking for a game like this for quite some time, and had to make do with the rather little alternatives. My interest started when watching UK General elections and US Presidential elections down the years, and i found it all rather enticing.

I have no affiliation with any parties, but have always voted Conservative.

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