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  1. Sorry about the delay. I'll try get to the bottom of it when I get back from holiday (for a week) but while playing as the Lib dems I got an error of issue position rewards not being valid and then the dreaded "list out of bounds" turned up. Maybe just a one-off, as I've played before and it's been ok, as well as spacebarring. I enjoyed the scenario, and the Lib Dems having 3CP's under Menzies is definitely more challenging. I'd still lower the percentages even more for the Lib Dems, most times the Lib Dems start from a low seat base of 40+ though.
  2. Oh sorry, there is a quicker way. Using electorate trends is quicker. The first number under each party, usually left at 0 can raise or lower the percentage of voters committed to the party. With as little as adding 3 or minus 3, it can affect the starting percentages. For the Lib Dems it'll be -1 or less, but doesn't have to apply to every region, as it's just about tinkering with numbers until you see fit. Apply this to areas which are weak for the Lib Dems, but keep a sense of proportion, and weaken some of their stronger areas like Greater London, Scotland or the South West to drive down the starting percentage. You may have to bring in positive numbers for the main 2 parties if you are not happy with the percentage gap between the 2, after weakening the Lib Dem vote.
  3. What version is this for? It seems alot more skewed towards Labour in the 2005 version, so i believe it to be for the new version. It needs more accuracy on the initial polling. I had a look at polling from around the time your snap election begins, and the Lib Dems should be less than 19%. By this point Menzies was seen as a weak leader. Here's a look at 3 polls from around this time: September 22nd ICM: CON 33%(+1), LAB 39%(-1), LDEM 19%(-1). MORI 23rd September: CON 34%(-2), LAB 42%(+1), LDEM 14%(-2). September 25th YouGov: CON 33% (nc), LAB 44% (+5!), LDEM 13% (-3). September 29th CON 34%(nc), LAB 41%(-1), LDEM 16%(+2) Maybe have the Lib Dems on 16-17%. The day after (25th) the election campaign starts, the Labour conference occurs, so you could maybe give Labour a confidence boost. The Conservative conference would be the next week after, so perhaps a boost for them too, which began on the 30th September 2007. Use events, and an issue(any issue) which affects the 2 main party leaders only, differently.
  4. Can't get to the game, is this the same for you? For Cameron's region, it says "-1". I changed this to "South East". I then got "no party listed in a riding". Either this is because most of the candidate files have EGaffneys map regions still on it, or because the order of the parties is different from the ridings file compared to the scenario and electorate trends file. Hope this helps.
  5. Ok, I've sent 2 versions of the map. Tell me if anything else me done with the maps.
  6. I'll do a new map, and we can go from there how you want the boundaries arranged. The federal borders seem the most straight-forward, but maybe looking at the full ridings map will help you decide how your areas could very well fit in.
  7. I would advise using Zion's Greater London map, mines doesn't include "City of London" which is merged with the cities of Westminster council region. Feel free to devise your own though.
  8. It's a very good first attempt, and it makes a nice change from the usual 4-6 party system of most other fictional scenarios out there. Can't fault much apart from the candidate photo dimensions -some are too big - the correct dimensions are 75x87 in pixels. Candidate attributes seem alot linear, like all 5's and 4's, i would usually have a little more variety with 9 candidates, some could just have more exposed weaknesses in certain categories.
  9. I'll fill in the other candidates at a later date. Good work Matvail on the constituencies. Might remove Icke then. Think Billy Conolly might be Labour.
  10. Patine might be interested in this, as he's thinking of doing a Canadian by-election.
  11. Thanks Matvail. Any more famous UKIP supporters?
  12. I've updated the list some more, along with some of the suggestions above. David Icke has been featured before, but I feel he is universally well known enough to appear here. When it comes to the smaller parties, it's clutching at straws for celebrities, so lesser-known ones can apply. Bragg, Lennon and Geldof, I'm not sure where to put for now, or whether they will stay there. Geldof has leanings to the Tories, but claims to have no interest in party politics. Any suggestions for where John Lennon would go?
  13. So this is what I have on progress now. The main focus is on, Finland 2007 and Scotland 2015. The side projects are: Um Al-Mohajshahr 2010, Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin/House of Representatives of Berlin Election 2001 and the Spectrum election game re-working. The Finnish election system is works under a D'Hondt system, each selectable province is one big multi-member constituency that elects via a list. I'll have to split these provinces into constituencies, where only the high rung of the list candidates will be competing against each other, and hopefully get the right number of seats overall (200 I think altogether). I know who should be the elected party candidates and who are not.
  14. Possibly, muslim revolt kicks off again, and due to bad organisational tactics from the police, it affects the governing pary's popularity in the west. There could also be controvery over a small clause in the independent Ayati constitution discovered, that New Brittania still has some power, for example, can legally set up an apartheid if country is in state of emergency.
  15. I've seen these done for the US, so I thought it would be fun to perhaps try this, but only as an idea for now which i may come back to. Looking for top British names from the world of TV, movies, music, sport and news/political journalists/commentators who are real-life supporters of the particular party. Here's to start with some of the best examples, will fill in more later. Figures can be living or dead, can't be too obscure. Any suggestions? Labour Patrick Stewart Stephen Fry Sir Alex Ferguson David Tennant JK Rowling Liam Gallagher Eddie Izzard Elton John Piers Morgan Conservative Michael Caine Joan Collins Andrew Lloyd Webber William Roche Carol Vorderman Sir Trevor McDonald Simon Cowell Nick Robinson Lib Dem John Cleese Daniel Radcliffe Colin Firth Richard Dawkins Germaine Greer Brian May Kate Winslet Rory Bremner Vivienne Westwood Boy George Green Joanna Lumley David Icke Tim Roth Annie Lennox SNP Sean Connery Irvine Welsh Sandi Thom Plaid George Monbiot UKIP Jeremy Clarkson Rodney Atkinson BNP David Irving UK Libertarian Party FA Hayek Independent Jeremy Paxman Bob Geldof John Lennon Billy Bragg
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