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  1. All of them please! pedro.jorge@gmail.com Thanks in advance
  2. Nothing. I've used the Yoyo tip. Lot of negative campaign against Bush, 3th week before the end of the campaign I've launched anti-bush ad in the States where I'm loosing, after the polling I've launched the second ad (Pro kerry ad) in the States I'm loosing, and finally in the last week I've launched the last ad (anti Bush) in the States I'm loosing. When I use this kind of tactic, I have exellent results. P.S. I always brainstrom in States where I'm loosing. P.S. 2 I always make ads related with my strategy
  3. Yoyo, I have used your tactics with great results. Many thanks for your tips
  4. WOW How can you do that? Which's your strategy?
  5. Thanks for the link, Taft I'm going to check the game
  6. When I play with the 4 candidates Nader always has good results. My best:
  7. 2004 Played as Kerry Regionalism --> On Economy --> On Spies --> On Fog of War --> On Dynanism -> Off
  8. Another good site; http://electionresources.org/
  9. Recount. Six parties instead of four.
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