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  1. An event like that would not have the same effect on everyone, though. I think that it should depend on the Regional Centers. An event like that might acctually motivate a more seriously pro-war state.
  2. Okay, sorry I did not respond sooner. Here is what I have. When I start the senario, it says that there is a problem with the region centers. When I go to that folder this is what I get // each region should have 18 regional center values // 1 means the regional center is 1, 5 that it is 5 // acceptable values are 1-5 // Alabama 1 //Abortion 2 //Affirmative Action 4 //Balanced Budget 3 //Business Tax 3 //Campaign Finance Reform 3 //Ecology 3 //Education 3 //Free Trade 4 //Gun Control 4 //Same-Sex Marriage 4 //Immigration 4 //Military Funding 3 //Military Interve
  3. That would be the problem for me. After that message goes off, the screen shuts down.
  4. This seems like a great senario, but does anyone know how to make it work?
  5. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but: Close states should be called later in the game. Say, the polls close in Ohio at 8:00, but Ohio is within 1-2%, then it should not be called until 4-5 hours after the polls close. Then, let's say PA is within 3-4%, then it should not be called until 3-4 hours after the polls close. All other states are called within an hour after the polls close, except blowout states, like Utah in the present day or the southern states until the 1970's. On the side, you can have a box that keeps track of the vote totals under the heading "Too Close to Call".
  6. MY best win was Gordon Smith/George Allen is the Ultimate 2008 senario, against Byah/Warner Electoral votes: 513 Popular Vote: 59% Score: 86 Bayh carried Vermont, RI, DC and NC in the end, because it was pretty much the only state left that had a significant percentage of undecideds left. I think I lost it by about 500 votes. I've acctually won with more EV's and a better popular vote total, but this is probably my best score ever.
  7. I once lost CT, and thus the election, by only 14 votes as Bush is the 2004. In the 1992, I lost West Virginia, and thus the election, as Bush again by only 15 votes. Other than that, I have won or lost states several times with fewer than 50 votes to decide the election.
  8. I am neither. I used to be very prejudiced against gays, to be honest, but my views have changed considerably in the past four or five years. As for the abortion issue, I'm pro-life, as I said, but I want the government to be more active in helping unwed mothers to make it easier to deal with the economic circmstances of pregnancy and early childhood. That would include an approuch to help women pay for and attend local colleges in order to provide for the long term security of their family. Any, if I need any help, I will be sure to get a hold of you. Thank you for offering.
  9. "- Pro gay-marriage, but also pro-life" Heh, we have something in common there.
  10. All at once, I hope. I have the basic plot worked out. Just need to get the tough work done. I'm happy with myself, in that by 2028 the US politcal map is almost totally different (Republicans still control some of their old haunts, as do the Democrats, but not the same as now) and I have done so by using treands that seem realistic (if a bit exagerated). I intend to put a "Read Me" file with each one that acctually explains the events that lead up to each election, so you aren't left in the dark about what happens.
  11. Acctually, Merchantilism was an issue during this time, but it was mostly an issue between states that had large port cities and those that did not (with some large southern states like Virginia taking the side of the anti-merchantile groups). The discussions over what type of economy (merchantile vs. agricultural) and what type of society (urban vs. rural) that America should be revolved largely around the dispute between northerneastern merchants and southern/western farmers and plantation owners.
  12. I hate being a critic of people's senarios, because I understand the amount of work that goes into these things. I have recently endevored to create a "History of the Future" line that will track all the election for the next 50 years. So far, I'm on 2016 and I have been working at it for two months. Anyway, I have noticed some glaring inaccuracies with this senario that I think should be brought up. The first, and most obvious, is that Jefferson did not support expansion during the election. In fact, the entire Democratic-Republican Party was opposed to the idea of further expansion. Ra
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