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  1. OK. Do you know how to do it? Even if it doesn't work in the Official 2008 scenario, I'd use it in a new scenario anyway.
  2. Two questions: 1. Is anyone planning to work on any foreign election scenarios? I would start on a Russian scenario, but I have NO IDEA how to make scenarios in P4E+P. Until a scenario editor comes out, I'm fairly screwed. 2. Keeping that question in mind, does anyone know if it is possible to have semi-proportional voting in the General Elections? In the primaries, the candidates can win a few delegates and not just all; if this were applied in the General, one could split electoral votes the same way. Two ways this would help would be: 1. Just making the population of that state the
  3. Well, having them for realism's sake is cool. But, if nothing else, then maybe just keep Bloomberg? I mean, if he does run, he'd have HUGE BANK behind him.
  4. Well, I guess I stand corrected. The clam invasion is just the beginning...
  5. It's a dude holding a bullhorn. As for a whimiscal take: I always thought it looked like a giant eye through a magnifying glass.
  6. CapA2040

    2008 V.1.1

    capa2040@aol.com Send it to me please! Thanks. Bonar
  7. How does one toggle to popular vote in President 2000?
  8. I've decided to attempt to create a scenario based on what Unity08 is trying to do. It's going to take a while because I broke my elbow (thus why I've not been on here as much), but I want to do it. That being said, a few house cleaning questions: 1. I'm going to use the new US map (with the small states on the side and DC like Toronto on the new Canada map). Who made the new US map? I want to give credit where it's due. 2. Any ideas for candidates? If johnny doesn't mind, I'll use a few of his plus some (like Bloomberg for Unity). Any suggestions are welcome. 3. How about parties? The par
  9. I was wondering why you had him as your avatar... any relation?
  10. Is it just me, or does this seem a bit Jesus-ish? I'm pretty sure Jesus wouldn't like you putting Bush, you know, "up to his level." And comparing Bush to FDR...
  11. I don't know if I agree entirely. Flassus brought up some good points, but I would agree he is a VERY progressive Southerner (much more than Hoynes). I'd still view him as a moderate (or at least center-left). As for the Green Party/Libertarian stuff, it'd be a cool scenario, I agree. The problem is that those parties virtually don't exist in the show. They aren't even described; the closest we get is Stackhouse, and he's just an independent. Plus, he drops out before the race even starts. Third parties just aren't around. However, it's just speculation; we'll never see a 2010 election, sadl
  12. I'd always thought about how America would be different if TR could've pulled off a win in 1912. Would the Republicans have died out? The Democrats? Would they have joined together to defeat the "new kids on the block" (Progressive Party)? Who would've been the 1916 candidate, since TR was starting to show some signs of health problems? Would the USA have entered WWI earlier? It's just fun to think about.
  13. It was OK, but I'd agree there's some work to be done. Don't be worried; I'm not a great scenario maker either. Also, you may want to do more research... Debs, for example, was not from Kansas. He was from Terre Haute, Indiana (my hometown).
  14. Well, considering that the VP files aren't really that intricate (just name, state, state number, and attribute), I don't think it'd really matter either way. It wouldn't take long to generate. I do want to know how all of this works out though. I cannot wait for this game!
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