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  1. Has anyone else had an utterly horrible experience with the new Canadian scenario? While I like the fact that the parties start with more money, especially the NDP, it is now almost unplayable. The Liberals almost always win a majority government, often a 200+ seat monstrosity. While pre united Right, pre Adscam, this might have been possible, it isn't now. More disturbingly, the NDP is always all but wiped out. I campaigned my ass off as Jack Layton, and I won 3 bloody seats. Jack Layton, Ed Broadbent, and Alexa Mcdonough all failed to win their seats. And the parties are incabable of maki
  2. I wont 2 seats in Québec as the conservatives, Portneuf and Richmond Athabasca. I also won a 162 seat majority government at the same time.
  3. My best: Conservatives 126 Liberals 94 NDP 26 Bloc 61 I got a landslide in the Maritimes, and BC, and almost won a seat in Québec. The NDP won a seat in Alberta in that game! As the Bloc I won every seat except Saint-Léonard—Saint-Michel. I was projected to lose Mount Royal also, but ended up winning it.
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