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  1. Minnesota is usually a little more Democratic than Wisconsin - I would be surprised if Trump managed to win MN while losing WI.
  2. Maybe Biden's strategy is more to build a solid blue wall than to aim for a "big" win along the lines of, say, 315+ EVs. Which makes some sense - *if* they're confident that vote suppression and partisan court rulings won't somehow convert the blue wall states into wins for Trump. But perhaps they think they have a chance at winning all the blue wall states by enough of a margin that lawsuits, recounts, etc. can't reverse the outcome in any of them.
  3. That Wikipedia article needs some editing for bias - here's how the introductory section ends: Anyway, I was kind of hoping Labour would come up just shy of a majority so that they'd actually need to work with the Greens in order to govern. Still, in an era where the traditional center-left has been taking a beating, this counts for some good news.
  4. I agree that the coalition negotiations could use an upgrade. The other thing is that the computer-controlled parties never seem to negotiate with each other, or if they do, the negotiations must almost always fail. I can recall maybe one time that two computer-controlled parties formed a coalition.
  5. I was kind of surprised that Beck *didn't* support Trump in 2016. His populist brand of conservatism actually seems like it would be somewhat compatible with Trumpism.
  6. There's no reason that the Greens and the SPD can't both survive in a proportional representation system. Maybe the Greens will displace the SPD as the largest left-of-center party, but the SPD are still steadily in third place in the latest polling: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_polling_for_the_next_German_federal_election German voters seem to have stalemated themselves into a situation where cross-ideological coalitions are the only viable governments. The combined broadly left-of-center vote (i.e. the SPD, the Greens, and Die Linke) are well short of 50% combined, as is t
  7. I suspect Biden is trying to hold his fire on the court-packing issue to wait and see just how far a 6-3 conservative SCOTUS is prepared to go. He probably doesn't want to expand the Court, but might consider it if SCOTUS started making it impossible for him to govern at all.
  8. A defeated GOP will either double down on nationalist populism or return to something more like traditional conservatism. If the Democrats lose, it will be because of the Electoral College, which means either they stay on their present course and attempt "one more heave" in 2024, anticipating that Texas and the southeast will move a few more critical points in their direction, or else they undertake a serious examination of what's going wrong in the Rust Belt and how to win those states back.
  9. I'm not rooting for him to get seriously ill or die. I despise most of what he stands for and think he deserves to lose resoundingly, but he's still a human being and he deserves some basic level of respect and empathy (even if he himself doesn't display respect or empathy to others). I didn't like the Thatcher death celebrations either. (I also don't want him to get a "sympathy vote.")
  10. Trying to start a nuclear war would probably be the thing most likely to get the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment against him. Besides, I doubt he wants to live in a NORAD bunker for the rest of his life. I'm concerned about how he'll behave in the transitional period if Biden appears to have won, but I don't really think he's going to try to start a nuclear war. He'll complain on Twitter to be sure, he'll file lawsuits, he might even stoke some sort of street violence - and that will be bad enough.
  11. Right - Trump "wins" by making enough would-be Biden voters so disgusted with the whole thing that they don't bother voting or vote 3rd party. Biden wasn't perfect in this debate, and he's not the most articulate Democrat around in general, but Trump's constant taunts and interruptions are what dragged the debate into the gutter. Biden shouldn't be punished for the fact that the sitting President of the Untied States decided to behave like a petulant child.
  12. I hope not, given that it would probably leave whichever side loses feeling as if they've been cheated, and Trump has already been making noise suggesting that he might not accept a loss. Biden needs to win by a margin that would essentially render lawsuits and court decisions irrelevant. I actually think that John Roberts would do his best to be fair and non-partisan - he seems to have a concern about preventing the Court from appearing too partisan or politicized. The one way I could still see him voting in a way that helps the GOP is if (a) the electoral count ends up disputed; (b) the
  13. That's interesting in that - assuming I'm reading the French correctly - 44% of Canadians overall would prefer to abolish the monarchy, and yet the issue seems to be a non-factor in Canadian politics, whereas it's at least something of a live issue in Australia with only slightly higher levels of support: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republicanism_in_Australia#Public_opinion
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