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  1. They are probably staked outside his house as we speak.....
  2. Wackier still is the 12 seats picked up by the Tories in Durham region. On 9% of the votes I'll also accept that 31 seats is a lot for the Lib Dems. Very strange.... Is that the SDLP I see winning seats in Central Scotland as well??!
  3. What precisely don't you like about "the people"? I'm just curious as to what you, as it seems a natural centrist, find disagreeable about us? Do you really think that Kennedy is a weakling? I mean, he really went out on a limb over Iraq and took a lot of crap on it. There are some who have questioned the leadership at times but I personally having seen him in action a few times think he is quite personable and more of an asset than a liability. I'm not doing a cheerleader job here I am just curious to discover what it is precisely you dislike about the Lib Dems and welcome your views.
  4. That's not completely true now is it wasspj? Let's be frank. The Tories were shitting themselves a bit about UKIP, Veritas (a.k.a as the Kilroy-Sick Party) and the BNP during the last General Election and that is why there was this nasty preoccupation with Dog Whistle politics in playing the immigration card. The far right did cost you votes and your candidate in Durham was behind the Veritas candidate in a few of the boxes. The fact that the EU Constitution referendum is off the agenda has been a blessing in disguise for yourselves. dr abc isn't completely barking. There was a rumour
  5. 25%-35% is more realistic for the Tories, 45% is wishful thinking and they might get 40% at a push. The disappearing Referendum on Europe MIGHT be a blessing for them in seeing off UKIP, Veritas and the BNP. UKIP looks like imploding which might swing back 1-2% to the Tories. Veritas is a joke and the BNP, well, the less said about them the better..... Lib Dems could, with a decent policy review start to look at 25-30% too. 15% is way too low now. Bottom figure is probably 18%. The Tories are in third with younger voters and not doing well amonst women either. Could change if they get t
  6. Proves my thesis that when it comes down to it the Monarchy is a reactionary institution!
  7. Not one to jump on bandwagons but... Could you send me the map and pictures too? toby_philpott@hotmail.com nanchangtoby@yahoo.co.uk Looks really great!
  8. Alex, Thank God for that. I was starting to worry that maybe I was getting a touch of the Dubya's or something. Perhaps we should put a distress call out to the scenario creator if they are on this Forum eh?
  9. Looks like I'm talking to myself. Has anyone managed to successfully play this scenario? Or perhaps I'm just not getting something right here?
  10. I can see that several people are curious but I really would love some help on this!!! Thanking you in anticipation! Toby
  11. Yes, and arresting Democratic Party politicians on the mainland on trumped up charges. Very naughty. But the dam is cracking, the dam is cracking and they won't be able to keep a lid on it all forever.....
  12. Guys, Despite running the scenario checker and adjusting lines in various files I just can't get this one to work? Are other people having the same problem or is it just me?
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