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  1. While I understand the need to make things easier, this seems exactly like the West Wing Primary with names pasted over it. I mean the issues aren't even changed. sigh
  2. Is possible that the new map could be sent to me mikerey@ufl.edu or sent to 80soft to update the old scenario It looks really good
  3. I know this one hasn't been commented on in a while and it seems, but I am just getting back into the game (was out for about a year). Maybe it's me but Gephardt seems nearly unstoppable in this one. Running nothing but negatives against him and having countless scandals makes him lose one, maybe two of the areas. He NEVER loses District 1. Just seems harder than I thought this should be with whomever I play with. I do like it though.
  4. I agree good work on it. I have only beat it once as democrat and that was only when I used my own character and had was lucky enough to get a lot of scandals against Martinez. Just curious, but when I add the 3rd Party, I seem to do worse overall. The platforms seems more Republican than Democrat so I am confused by the loss each time. Still a newbie I would agree with the above comments though. Orlando needs to be shrunk down a bit to maybe 5 electoral votes with Gainesville comming into play. I like it a lot.
  5. Recounts don't seem to be that important to me (while yes they are becoming important in real life, most of the time it has to do with idiotic moves by people than the candidates themselves). Networking would be cool Election and Re-Election would be cool as well. Specific Areas(cities) would be great as well. A Democract would go to NYC for fundraising/campaigning, but maybe not Kansas City. Dems and Reps would go to the I-4 corridor in Florida 25 timeseach, but Dems might might not go to the panhandle. I like the idea of specific people, but isn't that what the issues are for? Perhaps a
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