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  1. Now created attack ads, both backfired. Two Martin scandals. Got 26% of the vote. I have never gotten above 29% of the vote - ever. Did speeches, barnstorming, created 3 crusaders, lots of ad campaigns, won the English debate. Any suggestions before I delete this?
  2. Seems like no matter what I do - when my momentum goes negative nothing can be done.... Got 29% of the vote because Martin had a -12 scandal in the last week.... played it again and tried switching positions a bit. Got 13% of the vote. Argh. Not the best $27 I ever spent.
  3. Is there any HOWTO or secret to this? I barnstorm, I do ads. I do the odd speech, and I have crusaders. No matter what, I cannot get between 24 and 27% for the Tories every single time I play, despite Martin having multiple scandals. When I play Martin, I always seem to get around 80 seats. It's obvious that the computer has a preset strategy, and mine is sub-optimal. Any ideas? Cheers!
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