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  1. Um ok nice idea, but Scotland uses the Additional Member System. Can you programme the scenario to cover this or do you just mean the FPTP aspect of the elections?

    BTW I can get you some party logos and leader pictures for the Scottish elections if you want - like the Senior Citizens party or any other ones you can't find on the site.

    Channcellor for ever does it.

  2. I just played PM4E. I just won a huge labour landslide.

    Brown - 489

    Widdecombe - 0

    Kennedy - 114

    Salmond - 13

    Iwan - 10

    Trimble - 7

    Paisley - 2

    Adams - 5

    Durkan - 4

    Galloway - 1

    Taylor - 1

    I may not like Gordon Brown but I like the Labour party!

    :o The Tories got no seats :o

  3. This is a list of countrys that use the same type of government as Germany and New Zealand. I think these would be interesting scenerios

    Greece, India, Israel, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Sweden

    Personally, I think that Israel, Italy, and South Africa would be the most interesting

    The Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly :D . Also the London Assembly! :D .

  4. There's a bug in it. I went though the whole election, to get an error, SXomething about floating point values, and them a minced up Election Screen, with Bush in all the time, and saying thing like "Bush Wins Florida. What a squeaker.".

  5. OK, I fixed it. You just need to take out the first party name in the primary_secondary preferences file. So where it says









    Lib Dem




    ... you just need to take out the name of the party it says isn't a valid integer. The one I got was Labour, so I took out Labour and it worked.

    I've fixed that error, but mow I get "List Index out of bounds (161)" :(

  6. I get two errors. When I try and load it it said "Cannot open file graphics/scenario-specific/united-kingdom-2005/select-scenario.bmp"

    Try to play it, it says "Cannot open file graphics/scenario-specific/united-kingdom-2005/select-player.bmp" or "Link out of Bounds (0)"

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