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  1. Should I get PM4E Australia. I have got PM4E Britian and Prez 4 Ever.
  2. Even Adding them together they were still second .
  3. I don't know, thats the problem . The Map was red with a bit of blue and then, this . Funny, isnt it
  4. WORST: The UK scinario for P4Ever. I was Labour, in the Lead after 5 weeks.But the LibDems took control on the last two weeks. It's anoying
  5. I was the Labour Party as Brown Brown - 162 seats Widdicome - 1 seat (is that a record) Kennedy - 447 seats Lucas - 1 seat
  6. that would helt me. In my first game (I was Liberal Democrats) I ALMOST won my first election but it was a hung parlemant by 1 SEAT. The Queen picked the CONSERVITIVES even though they 3rd
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