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  1. Tony, you bend over backwards to try and accomidate our ideas. I would really appresiate this, and as would lots of people probebly. 80soft is one of the best companys for custemer service!

  2. Sorry to hear that. Strangely enough, today I've begun work on the logos you needed for that scenrario.

    Ah, well I'll start it again. Anyway, I was going to download some scenarios, and the scenarions page has been grayed out! Why is this?

  3. Well, after a computer virus and a forced format, I have lost everything, including PM4E, C4E and P4E. I bought PM4E Canada 2006 and am restarting my British scenario.

  4. Right, I had this ready to go, but then my computer developed a software problem, ad I have had to reformat the hard drive :angry: The computer is away, so I am using my dil-up on my laptop. Will not be starting this again untill 5th January. Merry Christmas!

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