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  1. What a night THIS would have been http://photobucket.com/albums/y230/Call123...KERRYSTATES.jpg Nader president, no Bush or Kerry states... EDIT: Is isn't big, could someone please make it bigger? The numbers are : Bush 0 Kerry 0 Nader 322 Badnarik 216
  2. Will we get an update to Chancellor For Ever?
  3. The Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly . Also the London Assembly! .
  4. I've fixed that error, but mow I get "List Index out of bounds (161)"
  5. Now I get "Conservitive is not a valid floating point value !
  6. I get two errors. When I try and load it it said "Cannot open file graphics/scenario-specific/united-kingdom-2005/select-scenario.bmp" Try to play it, it says "Cannot open file graphics/scenario-specific/united-kingdom-2005/select-player.bmp" or "Link out of Bounds (0)"
  7. Sofi80, can you set us a rough date please.
  8. UKIP won sedgefield (Tony Blairs Seat). Tony only had 2% of the vote.
  9. I added a party (The New Communist Party) to PM4E UK and put them in Stirling. In this I was Knapman (UKIP) The Social Democratic and Labour Party stood Candidates in Central and London Weird isn't it? The Conservitives won
  10. Same for me callum.lucas10@btinternet.com
  11. I've put a party in my scinario which only had one candidate and at one point it said it was leading in a majority goverment with 447 seats!
  12. Another bad one I was Labour, I won the electoral vote. And WHY IS CONGRESS DOMINATED BY THE CELTIC PARTY .
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