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  1. Also, when has Labour or the SNP wanted the enviroment to lag behind the economy? McLetchie is not Scottish Tory Leader. The Tories have agreed to keep the Scotland Act, so the Tories platform position for the Future of Scotland is wrong. When have the Lib Dems wanted Scottish Independance? UKIP would not chuck out all Asylum Seekers. Sheridans positions contratict themselves. "Federated Republic of Europe" and "Full Independance"? Since when has SSCUP wanted the economy to lag behing the economy? There is no position for keeping the status quo in the "Future of Scotland" This is bad

  2. ukmap8vl.gif

    That is Britain, a wee Island of the top of Europe.

    Anyway, you have to be a British citizen to stand as a Local Councilor, never mind becoming Prime Minister at the General Election. I would not vote for Bush if he stood as Labour, I would vote Lib Dems



    This is Europe. You can see where Britain is

  3. I made George W. Bush a custom candidate for Labour party and had him run against Ted Kennedy in Scotland back when he was the leader there and George Bush won out over him by 20% even though he was leader of Liberal Democrat party. It's okay though and it made me happy that George Bush won in the end like he will at the end of his Presidency.

    Are you joking?

  4. Looking good, could be finished next week. Just the remaining candidates to get through.

    I'm sure I'll have a few more questions though, there is still plenty to do.

    I'll offer it out for some of the more experienced scenario makers to check through and test if they would be so kind. :)


    Give me it!


    (replace <at> with @)

  5. It does not work for me. When I put it in the scenario folder I get

    "Cannot Open file C:\Program Files\Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006\scenarios\scenarios\scenarios.txt.

    It allways adds an extra \scenarios, and t is not working

  6. So I found. Oh well, still have C4E lying around somewhere.

    I DID have it, but then, I was forced into a computer wipe and I lost EVERYTHING!

  7. I'd like to try it out. sask1905@hotmail.com. It should work fine in PMF Canada - 2006 - it uses pretty much the same engine as C4E.

    It does not have the same voting system, the PR one!

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