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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_UN_Securi...nd_the_Iraq_war Read that
  2. That is Britain, a wee Island of the top of Europe. Anyway, you have to be a British citizen to stand as a Local Councilor, never mind becoming Prime Minister at the General Election. I would not vote for Bush if he stood as Labour, I would vote Lib Dems EDIT: This is Europe. You can see where Britain is
  3. And now it's Ming Cambell... And, there is no President of Britain!
  4. It does not work for me. When I put it in the scenario folder I get "Cannot Open file C:\Program Files\Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006\scenarios\scenarios\scenarios.txt. It allways adds an extra \scenarios, and t is not working
  5. Highland Call


    I DID have it, but then, I was forced into a computer wipe and I lost EVERYTHING!
  6. Highland Call


    It does not have the same voting system, the PR one!
  7. If it was real, there would have been a recount...
  8. Highland Call


    Baaaaaaaahhhhhhh! I HATE PM4E Canada 2006! IT DOES NOT DO THE VOTING SYSHEM!!!
  9. Highland Call


    Me! (Let's hope it works on PM4E Canada 2006...) callum.lucas10[at]btinternet.com replace [at] with @
  10. I was playing the 2006 scenario, and looking over the Vancouver results and it said the Bloc got 2 votes! The Bloc are not running here, so why are those votes there?
  11. Tony, you bend over backwards to try and accomidate our ideas. I would really appresiate this, and as would lots of people probebly. 80soft is one of the best companys for custemer service!
  12. One of the scenarios does notwork, it is Canada - 1984.
  13. Nothing, that is AMAZING! Better than the old 4 party version!
  14. I was clicking on the wrong thing (laugh at myself )
  15. Ah, well I'll start it again. Anyway, I was going to download some scenarios, and the scenarions page has been grayed out! Why is this?
  16. Well, after a computer virus and a forced format, I have lost everything, including PM4E, C4E and P4E. I bought PM4E Canada 2006 and am restarting my British scenario.
  17. Can you send me these again? My Computer has been wiped. callum.lucas10@btinternet.com
  18. Sorry to be a total pain, but could you send them to me after Jan. 5th please
  19. I'll have them callum.lucas10@btinternet.com
  20. Still being worked on, but I think it is first priority!
  21. Bush 1% (1,644,909) Kerry 3% (4,402,251) Nader 51% (67,151,475) Badnarik 43% (56,085,986) I was Badnarik, and I don't know what happened. 6 MASSIVE Scandels on Bush and 8 on Kerry, with a lot of nagative campagning, only againsed Bush and Kerry.
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