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  1. I think someone made an updated 1984 Scenario, but my computer crapped up and I lost it. Unfortunately, the old 1984 scenario does not work on PM4E Canada 2006. If someone has this scenario please send it to me. However, some nice person would have all my thanks if they would make one or adapt the original one so it worked.

  2. What is the diffrence between Primaries and Caucuses?

    EDIT: Another bug: When you get a candidate winning lots of states in the primary (like Peroutka) the text is small, but it stays that size, even if you get BUSH SCANDAL!!!

  3. In loads I have played as Third Parties, with Primaries in there, I sometimes get Texas going to the Democrats and New York and California going to the Republicans, in botj (2004 and 2008)

  4. About the wierd elections, I got this result

    Bush (Republican) - 285

    Edwards (Democratic) - 204

    Peroutka (Constitution) - 37

    Badnarik (Libertarian) - 12

    This was me spacebarring as Nader, so he might get some electoral votes ever so often as well.

    EDIT: Edwards also got Texas with 52.9%, which I don't think is right, but bush got 71% in New York, which is not right

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