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    Sorry for bumping this, but their is more Spam about free porn
  2. Highland Call

    P4EP Bug

    How did you get version 1.00.2?
  3. Highland Call

    P4EP Bug

    What is the diffrence between Primaries and Caucuses? EDIT: Another bug: When you get a candidate winning lots of states in the primary (like Peroutka) the text is small, but it stays that size, even if you get BUSH SCANDAL!!!
  4. When I doubleclick the Autoupdater, I get the error "Invalid Parameters". Is it because there are no updates, or because my original download, which included everything else in 1.00.1, was corrupted by something?
  5. In loads I have played as Third Parties, with Primaries in there, I sometimes get Texas going to the Democrats and New York and California going to the Republicans, in botj (2004 and 2008)
  6. Yes, it will, but I am already thinking of possibilitys for scenarios I can start on my British State and Canadian State of America governer when I work out the files!
  7. Highland Call

    P4EP Bug

    Also, spacebarring as Badnarrik, I can't play 2008, it crashes with something like "Index out of bounds (-1)"
  8. Highland Call

    P4EP Bug

    About the wierd elections, I got this result Bush (Republican) - 285 Edwards (Democratic) - 204 Peroutka (Constitution) - 37 Badnarik (Libertarian) - 12 This was me spacebarring as Nader, so he might get some electoral votes ever so often as well. EDIT: Edwards also got Texas with 52.9%, which I don't think is right, but bush got 71% in New York, which is not right
  9. Highland Call

    P4EP Bug

    It would useful if you could add something that would steed up election night, I liked it slow, but I would want to steep it up sometimes.
  10. Yep, 2004 was strange. I had the Libertairians win Alabama. Election Night, though... wow
  11. I definately used that email for P4E, and I haven't got anything
  12. One hour... I found my order details, as I ordered it again with PM4E Canada 2006.
  13. I lost all my order details when my computer was formatted at Christmas, I thought I had printed them off when I got it but I didn't. What can I do?
  14. So, with the game supposidly coming out this month, I guess you are very near finished?
  15. Please send it here callum.lucas10[at]btinternet.com Replace [at] with @
  16. And not many people in Mid Scotland and Fife that I know oppose Abortion, want less Devolved powers or want to Bring back the Death Penalty.
  17. Also, when has Labour or the SNP wanted the enviroment to lag behind the economy? McLetchie is not Scottish Tory Leader. The Tories have agreed to keep the Scotland Act, so the Tories platform position for the Future of Scotland is wrong. When have the Lib Dems wanted Scottish Independance? UKIP would not chuck out all Asylum Seekers. Sheridans positions contratict themselves. "Federated Republic of Europe" and "Full Independance"? Since when has SSCUP wanted the economy to lag behing the economy? There is no position for keeping the status quo in the "Future of Scotland" This is bad
  18. And it does not use PR! Fine, you can have diffrent number of seats, just make it PR!
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/3661134.stm So, is the BBC or CBC wrong, http://www.cbc.ca/story/world/national/200...nnan040916.html
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