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  1. Why do you bump up an 11 month old thread?
  2. What would be good would be some sort of way to add the Maine/Nebraska method of electoral votes into the game.
  3. I would like it: callum.lucas10[at]btinternet.com
  4. GO to the Political units file and replace "FPP" with "PR" (Obviously withhout the quotation marks). It does change the general elections sections HOWEVER I find that elections remain as FPP
  5. I hope you don't mind, but I edited your 2008 v.5 to add Republican primaries for Americans abroad, and Democratic Primaries for the Norths Marianis Islands, and gave the territories 3 EV's each. I'm planning on making it publically available, but if anyone asks nicely and clark/bayh 2008 gives his approval, I shall send it to you
  6. There IS a way in the files to make the General Election proportional, but on bog standard 2008, it does not work.
  7. Please send here callum.lucas10[at]btinternet.com Replace [at] with @
  8. Here is one: Basically, it says Bush has won Washington DC up the top even though Edwards has won it.
  9. Yes Turn the Primaries off and make Powell the Republican candidate
  10. Is there a setting to make the EV's PR, like the Democratic primaries delegates?
  11. OK 1. Download the candidate editor 2. Set up your candidate there 3. Do the % section 4. Play
  12. softi80, are you planning on releasing Party editing/adding tools?
  13. Sugestion: Third Party should have primaries and extra candidates That would make it better
  14. It sounds very good, but it would be better if the other parties (Not Republican or Democrat) could have primaries as well.
  15. Yep, I don't apreciate seeing spam, especially Porno spam. What is strange is that it started during the run up to P4E+P. IP BAN THE SPAMMERS!
  16. SW- You would feel most at home in the Southwest region You advocate a large degree of personal freedom and a large degree of government control over the economy. Your neighbors include such folks as Jesse Jackson, Ralph Nader, Hillary Clinton, and Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, and may refer to themselves as "liberals," "left-wing liberals," "civil libertarians," "democratic socialists," "egalitarians," or "anarcho-socialists."
  17. 80soft has an email adress where they will send you aanother copy of the game, provided you use the email you bought the game with.
  18. This sounds good. Send to: callum.lucas10[at]btinternet.com Replace [at] with @
  19. Highland Call

    P4EP Bug

    The acess violation Message will shurly be about ballot acess.
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