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  1. In my scenario I've made up, I get loads of errors. I get: bad number of blocks for this region in .txt file, 2 party not listed in a riding errors and @ is not a valid integer value. Then my scenario doesn't load. Can someone help?

  2. Hi there,

    I think this might be because the Conservatives are in an official Coalition in the game with the UUP. If you combine the seats, it's possible that they might not have been behind.


    Anthony Burgoyne


    Even Adding them together they were still second :angry: .

  3. I think it would be really cool if at the end of a game you had no majority government you could have a brief period to propose coalitions with other parties. So like, if you used a lot of negative ads against that party, it wouldn't happen, but if the two parties were on okay terms it would. Or you could have some sort of system for concessions and demands and so forth. anyway, it would be really cool and would be a nice addition at the end of the game or as a concillation prize for good sportsmanship!  :P

    :D that would helt me. In my first game (I was Liberal Democrats) I ALMOST won my first election but it was a hung parlemant by 1 SEAT. The Queen picked the CONSERVITIVES even though they 3rd <_<:angry:

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