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  1. This new scenario seems quite unbalanced towards the Democrats. I space-barred as Baldwin for the constitution party. The democratic primaries lasted into May/June when Obama finally beat Clinton. Huckabee did very well after taking a lot of Super Tuesday states. Just before Clinton pulled out; the Republican party had a large lead. The lead faded away quickly and Obama had very large positive momentum while Huckabee had between Neutral and lots of negative momentum. THe results were quite outstanding. Obama had 462 EVs, Huckabee had 76 EVs. Huckabee only had Florida, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Carolina. It seems a bot odd that Obama would take a state like Texas (56.8%-40.3%) by greater by the Popular vote percentage (55.4%-42.1%). Also, Obama managed to win the entire south except Florida, Oklahoma and Missouri while somehow losing votes in Florida (52.8%-46% compared to 52.1%-47.1% in 2004). Also, Huckabee lost his home state which seems an add thing to happen.

  2. It depends. If he continues to do it after we ask him not too over and over again; yes he should be. If he stops - he should not. I think that making some of the active forum members moderators of the boards would stop this problem because they could lock the threads as they come up. This is if TheorySpark trusts members not to delete threads because of personal grudges.

  3. Look at the date the post was posted. 2006. P4E+P was not released at this time; you need P4E 2004. Some people don't like the current scenario threads being covered by millions of "Give me this scenario!!!" posts on threads bumped from 2006. This forum needs active members moderating the section for bumped threads so they can be locked and the post deleted.

  4. I spacebarred (as the Constitution Party) and I find it a tad unbalanced. Firstly, Obama seems a bit underpowered; he dropped like a stone from a good lead (roughly 2500 delegates) to pulling out after Super Tuesday projected to get 80. Warner seemed to rise, but Kucinich won the nomination after Clinton pulled out without endorsment with support going to him. McCain won without worries in both the Primary Election and the General. The general election was no contention: the results were:

    McCain (Republican): 524 EVs, 51.4%, 64,528,224 votes

    Kucinich (Democratic): 14 EVs, 37.9%, 47,549,044 votes

    Paul (Libertarian): 0 EVs, 7.8%, 9,762,385 votes

    Peroutka (Constitution): 0 EVs, 3%, 3,741,973 votes

    McCain won everything apart from Oregon, Rhode Island and D.C.

    However, Miissouri was within 5000 votes (0.1%)

  5. hey just happend to get on the forum today for the first time in like a year. anyways for the people that want my old kennedy lives scenario, its in the downloads area on the 80 soft site. but it's only for the original version. NOT primaries.

    anyways, wow. these forums are completly different now. what ever happend to all the political discussion threads and whatnot?

    I think 80soft got in trouble with the law so they deleted the political discussion threads; causing a lot of the old members to leave

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