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  1. Congressional Districts would be good; it would allow states to use the Maine-Nebraska method of choosing electors
  2. What would be good would be some sort of way to add the Maine/Nebraska method of electoral votes into the game.
  3. It does not work for me. When I put it in the scenario folder I get "Cannot Open file C:\Program Files\Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006\scenarios\scenarios\scenarios.txt. It allways adds an extra \scenarios, and t is not working
  4. Bush 1% (1,644,909) Kerry 3% (4,402,251) Nader 51% (67,151,475) Badnarik 43% (56,085,986) I was Badnarik, and I don't know what happened. 6 MASSIVE Scandels on Bush and 8 on Kerry, with a lot of nagative campagning, only againsed Bush and Kerry.
  5. What a night THIS would have been http://photobucket.com/albums/y230/Call123...KERRYSTATES.jpg Nader president, no Bush or Kerry states... EDIT: Is isn't big, could someone please make it bigger? The numbers are : Bush 0 Kerry 0 Nader 322 Badnarik 216
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