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  1. If you want a suggestion for a Green candidate, you could look at Adrian Ramsey who's their leader in Norwich, holds the balance of power on Norwich City Council, and fancies a shot at Charles Clarke's seat next General.
  2. As soon as it is done, please could you send me it at alex.thorpe@wbcyouth.co.uk
  3. Just add them when you create your next scenario!
  4. Yes, please, please, please! In fact, include it as a patch! I want to create a scenario continuing directly on from my last election, and it's a pain to search through all the constituency results.
  5. Knowing how the game works, probably Liberal!
  6. Can someone at least tell me how to do a map and configure it for use in the game?
  7. To be honest, I don't know where to start either, so it's not totally unbelievable.
  8. Is there any thread on here that can hand-hold me through creating a new scenario from scratch? If not, does someone want to post a reply here telling me how to create a new scenario from scratch?
  9. Does it tell you which riding you've made the mistake in when creating a scenario?
  10. Has anyone here followed play-by-play the real life strategies that parties ran to see how they worked - which constituencies they visited, what ads they ran, when they span the news? Just think it'd be interesting to see how accurate PM4E was for '05...
  11. What the hell is Green-Alternate?
  12. Quite! Set up your own party and try it from there!
  13. Yes, yes, and thrice yes... If only because you don't have to win the election to meet your objectives. It's really good to play as a smaller party (I use greens) and run a fully focussed campaign.
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