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  1. My initial reaction is that it looks too disorganized relative to the geographical/political map of the US as it is and may lead to confusion. I like the idea behind it, however, and would favor the above suggestion that it would be a nice toggle addition to the regular map. (Though some of the visual confusion may be helped if the background was a more neutral color rather than blue to blend in with the Democratic states) It strikes me that it may be more useful to merely have an accessible listing of the states that would show electoral votes in descending order and/or the state names in al
  2. Tony, Perhaps you've addressed this elsewhere, and if so, I apologize for asking it again. Will the President Forever new version be packaged with the Congress Forever game? Not necessarily for its isssue in the first half of 2006, but at some point in the future? Thanks.
  3. Thank you, Tony, for the update. While I'm guessing that you've been as specific as you are going to be, any further information would be greatly appreciated
  4. In 1996, when Mr. Pullman was hosting SNL, the opening sketch was a Presidential debate between Pullman's character from Independence Day and Sen. Bob Dole. Sadly, the SNL transcript site doesn't have the sketch transcribed, but I do remember that during the sketch Sen. Dole frequently referred to the millions of Americans that were killed by "space monsters" under President Whitmore's administration.
  5. The Illinois Senate one could be interesting if you include Jack Ryan and Jim Oberweis as GOP possibilities instead of Keyes. Of course, if you wanted to include Blair Hull and (I'm blanking on the other guy's name) that were up for the Democratic nomination, that would be cool too. the next Illinois Gubernatorial race should be interesting as well.
  6. I would really like to be a Senator mainly because I think it is the best link between the state and federal government there is. Besides that, it is a relatively exclusive and prestigious club. Although lately it has lost some of the historical weight it had carried over the whole American political spectrum. It used to be a nice path to the White House, but we haven't had a senator elected to the Presidency since Kennedy 44 years ago. BTW - Interesting Historical footnote: the last Presidential election that did not involve either a Bush or Dole on the ticket was 1972. Cue up Libby and Jeb.
  7. I don't know about having all scandals be random. I'm not opposed to it; I just don't know about it. It does seem that there should be some control over scandals though. Perhaps if you could spend 1 CP on a "dustbusting" crew to keep scandals pertaining to your candidate out of the news. (Think the Kathy Bates character in the movie "Primary Colors.") While it may seem to cancel out the 1 CP needed by your opponent to do research on a scandal against you, it could force the player (or AI) to consider whether the 1 CP is needed more in the campaign proper (ie building crusaders, influencing e
  8. Tom, I'm curious as to what you mean by "price." Are you referring to a price in Campaign Points (since additional polling costs an additional 1 CP now) or are you referring to Campaign Funds? Thanks, Brak60
  9. HRC, Is there a specific point in the campaign when you start to go negative or does it depend on the campaign? Also, what is it that you typically attack? Integrity? Leadership? or is it one of the overall issues such as balanced budget, terrorism, et al.? I, too, often switch from "integrity" to "terrorism" before the opening salvos of the campaign.
  10. Jo, How established is the Green party in relation to the other parties in your Green/Dean scenario? Do they qualify for federal matching funds? If not, would it be possible for you to make it up by establishing some kind of reciprocal foot soldier/groundswell movement for the party as opposed to the more established parties' monetary advantage. Obviously, I understand that there should be some disadvantage to the newly strengthened Green party in this scenario, but if there was such a realignment of parties, I think the groundswell for the Greens at least in foot soldier establishment woul
  11. I'm just trying to understand what you mean here: So you will have three "positive" theme topics for your first few weeks such as (just for an example): integrity/your candidate, Experience/your candidate, business tax/your candidate. Then with three weeks to go, you switch to (let's say) integrity/against other candidate, balanced budget/ against other candidate, same sex marriage/ against other candidate. Do I have that right, or do you just mean that with three weeks to go, you will start releasing negative ads? If I am right, do you focus specifically on what your opponent is weak on
  12. Forgive me if this has already been suggested or has already been addressed. I've gone through alot of the suggestions, but I hadn't seen this yet. Would it be possible for the candidate (and perhaps his/her running mate) to visit more than one state in a day. Perhaps making a three state swing through adjoining states? I would assume that it would cost more campaign and "health" points. Also, could it be possible to choose which markets are airing your ads, so they may affect more than just one state? For instance, buying Chicago airtime affects not only Illinois but also Wisconsin and Ind
  13. Does anyone ever change their strategy during the course of a campaign in regards to the three main theme topics? Do you do it specifically when you are winning or losing or does it matter to you at all? I usually change the theme to my desired topics at the beginning of an election, but as things get rolling on, I typically forget to do anything with them. I just wondered what everyone elses' uses for Theme topics were. Thanks, Brak60
  14. I'll throw my hat in the ring. No one knows me. I have no axe to grind. I only check here about once every two or three days. I don't even know what the purpose of the election is. That makes me the perfect candidate.
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