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  1. I genuinely don't know what it is with you, @Patine. You seem to like picking fights with absolutely everyone for no apparent reason. I complimented the scenario and of course had an issue with that. Why does it matter to you that I enjoyed the scenario? What business it is of yours? I enjoyed it and I hope @Sheacres continues to make more. I seem to recall a few years ago you came after to me too, accusing me of being a bully or whatnot. When I asked for any shred of evidence you not surprisingly went silent. I wish there was still the ability to block users on this forum because I absolutely would have blocked you ages ago. You're a miserable excuse for a human being and I genuinely pity you.
  2. I'd love this. There was a scenario made for the President Forever ages ago. You can find it here: http://campaigns.270soft.com/p4e4/
  3. Thank you @mahlerman2000! This scenario is very enjoyable.
  4. I personally would love to see a Utah gubernatorial election scenario!
  5. would love your scenarios! my email is matty1019 at yahoo dot com. thanks
  6. This is how it used to work in the 2008 version of the game and I really enjoyed that aspect. Sometimes a candidate would endorse another and 100% of their delegates would move towards that candidate. However, sometimes a candidate would withdraw and their delegates would be split based on a variety of factors. I wish Anthony introduced this back into the game.
  7. @Patine Why do you feel so intent on bringing other people down? @NYrepublican wants to make a scenario that he finds interesting. Who cares if it's not generating international headlines? I've noticed this more and more with you recently but you have become so ridiculously condescending. You find flaws in absolutely everything. If you aren't interested in NYRepublicans scenario, you don't have to play it. If you prefer "bigger" elections, make your own.
  8. I am waiting for more candidates.
  9. Hi all. I am in the process of making a 2016 scenario with fictional candidates. I was hoping that you all could help me out by creating some candidates and possibly providing a backstory for them. I want this scenario to have a variety of Democratic and Republican candidates (so they can be governors, senators, congressmen, businessmen, actors, cabinet secretaries, media personalities, etc.) as well as a number of strong third party contenders. Ideally I will have around 10 candidates for the main two parties. Feel free to also include some minor party candidates. What I need from you: Candidate Name Occupation (Governor, Senator, etc) Home State Leadership, Integrity, Experience, Issue Familiarity, Charisma, Stamina, and Debating Scores Starting Funds Any additional notes (Very strong in NH but weak in IA and SC, etc) Information regarding the candidate's platform Similar to the actual election, the electorate will be volatile so outsiders could definitely win. I'm not opposed to having Trump/Clinton/Trudeau-esque candidates either. Get creative! Thanks! See below for an example: Title: Vice PresidentName: Henry RaymondParty: RepublicanPolitical Influence Points: 25State: MichiganStarting Funds: 15,000,000Description: Henry Raymond has served the past eight years as Richard Slattery’s Vice President. Prior to being elected to the Vice Presidency is 2004 he served three terms in the United States Senate and served 2 terms as the Governor of Michigan. Does Henry Raymond have what it takes to win the White House? Or will his close connections with President Slattery ruin his chances?How Well Known: 5Established: 5Leadership:4Integrity: 3Experience: 4Issues: 3Charisma: 3Stamina: 3Debating: 3Basic Political Views: Moderate on social issues but fiscally conservative.
  10. It looks like we have some nicely made Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia scenarios for PI Canada. Anyone working on any other provincial races?
  11. I'm definitely more interested in some of the more recent elections simply because there is more information available.
  12. It seems as though people have stopped working on elections for the Canadian provinces. With the new game engine, I think there is only one scenario (Quebec 2014). I have scenarios for every province and territory (except Nunavut and the Northwest Territories). I'm happy to share what I have but they won't work on the newer engine. Is anyone interested in working on building out the more recent provincial elections? EDIT: I don't think any scenarios have ever been made for Prince Edward Island
  13. mz452

    Game Errors

    Anybody? @admin_270
  14. mz452

    Game Errors

    I've been having issues launching PI UK and PI Canada for Mac. When I click the "New Game" button, an error message stating "Error reading scenario.xml" pops up. When I click ok, I get another error message "Access violation at address 000F970B, accessing address 00000018." I've tried installing the games multiple times. This only started fairly recently. Any tips or help? @admin_270
  15. This is stellar! Would love to test it out!
  16. Hi all, I've been working on a fictionalized version of the 2016 election for a while now and it's nearing completion. I'm running into an error when it comes to adding VP options. I'm trying to change the photos and keep getting this error: Loading bitmap failed. Any idea how to resolve this?
  17. Considering they never even finished the last one, I doubt we'll get one for the 2016 election.
  18. As previously mentioned, it is essentially done. I am just waiting for Anthony to update the game so I can fix the third party candidates.
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