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  1. hmm yeah I guess it was the focus on political boards that caused the countless delays and numerous bugs
  2. pataki? the failed governor of new york who wouldn't have won reelection if he ran for it? I think clinton could beat any republican on the board if she ran a smart campaign all of the guys you mentioned have obvious flaws and if she can put the focus on those flaws then she can win money wise she could outraise every other candidate and as for name recognition her name alone could get her 40% of the vote
  3. it is remarkable that he won his birth state which is right next to his home state? and lets not forget there was no way the people from sc were going to vote for kerry a liberal from mass anyway my point is that edwards probably couldn't win his home state or any state in the south and that alone makes me question his ability to win an election as I pointed out for a democrat to win they have to steal a red state like ohio or florida and I dont think edwards can do that
  4. yeah I still question edwards ability to win and I still do not know if he could win north carolina or any other southern state but i think he can win the primary and is a much stronger candidate then he was in 04
  5. if he lost he would lose because of the stuff you mentioned he wouldn't lose because he was too conservative
  6. ok so lets see the economy in ohio was in the toilet iraq was a mess the governor was already unpopular and yet the people still voted for bush everything was against bush in 04 and the people of ohio still voted for him now imagine if you take a conservative that doesn't have all that extra baggage dewine wasn't really a conservative he is somewhere between moderate and conservative and he lost simply because of guilt by association and he was running against a strong opponent well thats mainly because he pled guilty to a crime chances are in 2008 these things will be forgotten and that guilt by association stuff wont work and the republicans have won the last two presidential elections without winning a single one of them which further backs up my point that republicans do not need to steal blue states to win elections 1) there is no way the dems could win without new york unless for some reason the south turns its back on the republican party 2) and yes guiliani and mccain will put more blue states in play but as I have said the republicans do not need to do that to win
  7. so prodem you think bill frist couldn't win missouri, nevada, florida, and ohio lets be honest here any conservative republican could win those 4 states and if he wins 2 of those 4 + their base then they win as I said the map plays out much better for republicans since majority of the states are red and in their base
  8. and what states did you include as base states vs swing states? bush has shown over the past 2 elections that the map does favor the republicans republicans do not have to fight it out and steal blue states they just have to protect their base and I consider their base to be every state that bush won in both elections their is no chance in hell mccain beats clinton in the most liberal state in america why? republicans can play on the defensive and just defend every state bush won and win again thats much smarter then trying to rely on states like NJ or NY well penn is a blue state and has been blue for a while as for the rest you their are differences between senatoral elections and presidential elections I mean look at north dakota where I believe we hold both senatoral seats
  9. i just love these pre selected political talks I'm just curious why the other boards do not have similar restrictions
  10. this is mainly because the two top democratic candidates are a black guy and a woman plus the republican race is less wide open then the democratic race
  11. well i think brownback would lose on pure name recognition as for newt I saw several polls that shows he was running well among republicans and he is seen as an example of an old school conservative that gained the republicans both houses and frist was running first in an early poll of the south carolina primary and if he can hold the entire republican base then he could easily win the point u guys are missing is that the republicans do not need to win outside of their base to win the election if they can win the south and the rocky mountain region they would only need to win 1 or 2 states outside of the base
  12. again who? and why wouldn't they be able to win the general? again bill frist could win the general and it is hard to get further right then that
  13. yes and thats the only anomaly you will find and many other republicans also supported this measure
  14. like who? and I'm not talking about people like alan keyes who are in their own world please name one conservative republican that is too far right to win? I mean bill frist could probably win the nomination if he choose to run and I doubt u could get further right then that and on the democratic side yes there are guys too far right to win but most of these guys aren't considering running anyway another example is nanci pelosi people said they didn't want her to take over because she was too far left and out of the main stream but I never heard that once during the time tom delay was in power and again it is hard to get further right then that
  15. i could have told u that romney is a phony and isn't it funny that if u are a republican or a democrat u have to look more conservative as if beings a liberal automatically eliminates from the discussion if u are far left they say u are out of the mainstream if u are far right you are a part of the group I've never heard a person say "this candidate is too conservative to win"
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