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  1. well that book is very biased and i would call it more fantasy than reality and as for the gop's base as long as they keep saying god is on their side while the dems keep playing the middle they will keep winning as for the scenario i would look at every senator is who is in his early 40's to late 30's and call him or her a major candidate in 2012
  2. i say the states should be colored green if they are too close to call after election day and then candidates can use remaining money for legal challenges to win the state
  3. thats an a matter of opinion some see AA as a way of making up for 300 years of slavery but if he doesn't like AA i odn't care thats his opinion my problem is that he failed to think of an alternate solution
  4. ya he understands the problems of his people but doesn't have any solutions he insults black people because the parents aren't raising there children to his standards but doesn't recognize the economic and social reasons behind this this man is an idiot and i truely believe he has lost his mind and i have no respect for a person that just insults the way people are raising there own children and yet has no answers or solutions
  5. well judging by his speeches he sounds like the typical black republican (complains alot while having no solutions)
  6. i don't see the point of party leaving and it's very rare when it does happen but all the other stuff would be great (especially the vote breakdown)
  7. and maybe more than poll to force the player to choose which poll he believes and make some polls more accurate in certain states also i think that pay 1cp to get a poll that is 100% accurate feature should be removed since in real life u can never get a poll that is 100% accurate
  8. true on another note i am destroying these 2008 scenarios i haven't lost any yet since election day (except red dawn with is next to impossible to win as a democrat)
  9. please he messed up half way through and ended up winning 1 state
  10. oh yes i already knew this i believe the headline was written by the chicago times and i was commenting on the fact that dewey actually lost to thurmond in that scenario
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