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  1. can I get a copy too? Thanks joshuabarron@gmail.com
  2. I would appreciate any scenarios that are still available. Thanks! joshuabarron@gmail.com
  3. Maviejderha

    P4EP Bug

    This game definitely gets unbalanced results and high voter turnout. On my first attempt as John McCain (on medium difficulty) I defeated Edwards with ALL 538 electoral votes and 67% of the popular vote (right after the convention I ran a 6 Attack radio ad nationwide and that got everystate in my corner except Arizona! which didn't come over till later). Even more startling, despite the fact that the election had been over since just after the conventions, there is still a record turnout. With 120.8 M votes, I was less than 2M votes away the 2004 TOTAL, and Edwards, despite only getting a m
  4. didn't realize that...I think that's a mistake for him; he's only been governor for four years, right?
  5. * Possible Incumbents Hillary Clinton, Edwards, Kerry (Kerry is an extreme longshot), and Dean (if Dems do will in 06) * Gov. Warner of Virgina. He's challanging Senator Allen in 06, and both men have been mentioned as 08 possibilities whose political careers will be over with an 06 loss. As a freshmen Senator, Warner probably wouldn't challenge Hillary, but if she loses in 08, Senator Warner would probably be the frontrunner for '12.
  6. I don't really think it would have made all that much of a difference; I mean, its not like Bush is against disaster relief, and since Katrina had not yet happen, he could probably make an argument that he was better at it than Kerry, since he had responded to 9-11, and had responded to natural disasters in Texas while governor. What Kerry needed to do to win was not try to walk the tightrope between the far left "get out of Iraq immediately" and the more reasonable "Let's finish the job, even if Bush is an idiot." He did eventually try to establish himself in the latter, but not until getti
  7. I think there are two ways that we could get a strong 3rd party candidate: On the republican side, if Rudy Guliani or someone very pro-choice like him were somehow to get the Republican nomination, I think it would likely split the Republican party. On the Democratic side, if Hilary runs as a moderate and loses, I think the far left might split from the party. I don't think disaster planning will be a major issue past 2006, maybe 2008, simply because they don't tend to happen that often. Debt will likely be a big issue as well, but there is no danger of a country demanding immediate pa
  8. I think Immigration will be a huge issue for the forseeable future.
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