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  1. Here they talked of revolution, Here it was they lit the flame, Here they sang about tomorrow, but tomorrow never came.
  2. In 2016, you said a nominee to the supreme court in the last year of a president's term should not be “someone who could dramatically flip the balance of power on the court." Does this mean you will try to adhere to the judicial philosophy of Justice Ginsburg if you are confirmed?
  3. Makes sense. Trump only flipped six states in 2016 (Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) while Clinton didn't flip any.
  4. § 4001 says "For the purposes of this chapter “abandoned personal property” shall be deemed to be tangible personal property which the rightful owner has left in the care or custody of another person and has failed to maintain, pay for the storage of, exercise dominion or control over, and has failed to otherwise assert or declare the ownership rights to the tangible personal property for a period of 1 year." Thy NYP says the laptop was left at the shop in April and seized in December. That means the hard drive was copied before it became the shop owners property. It's also likely that the
  5. I wonder what Delaware law says about copying someone's hard drive and giving it to a third party
  6. The shop owner couldn't positively identify the customer he repeatedly tried to contact?
  7. There was one Catholic on the bench when Roe v Wade was decided and he was substantially more progressive than Barrett
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/12/us/politics/california-gop-drop-boxes.html
  9. It actually didn't work well the first time either
  10. There still would have been a risk of Trump losing even with a delay. This is their best chance to get Barrett on the court.
  11. The Dems will go further left if they lose The GOP will return to actual conservatism if they lose
  12. There's sill one of Tyler's grandchildren alive. Harrison Ruffin Tyler turns 92 in about a month.
  13. In what way? Impersonating individual voters at the polls is a terribly inefficient way to affect elections. Any kid who wants to drink can get a fake ID with ease, somebody with the resources to throw an election would have no trouble doing so. Poll workers aren't trained to spot fake ID's. I miss the days when conservatives were against the government tracking everything you do.
  14. I recall many people disbelieving the polls when they said Trump would be the Republican nominee. People couldn't believe the GOP was going to nominate someone so obviously unqualified and unprepared for the job despite what the polls kept showing. As for the general election, polls aren't perfect. They don't often miss by that much twice in a row.
  15. Most people get down on polls when the polls don't say what they want
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