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  1. Standardized tests do a poor job of measuring whether someone has that potential
  2. Good. Standardized tests have a very poor correlation with post-secondary academic success.
  3. Many of the qualities that would make someone successful at college or on a board are intangible and cannot be measured
  4. My takeaway is that the US deserves better than these two old fogeys, neither of whom is likely to live through the whole term
  5. Down on the corner Out in the street Willy and the Poor Boys are playin' Bring a nickel, tap your feet
  6. Luntz is a pollster, so he must be hoping for a Biden win so he can keep his job
  7. https://www.vn.nl/trump-twitter-hacked-again/
  8. The result of this election depends on how much you trust the candidates
  9. The vast majority of Americans either have forgotten the Articles or remember them as a footnote. Rightly so, as they are of minimal importance to their daily lives.
  10. Obamacare is a poorly thought out half-measure. When the next step towards the inevitable single payer system happens, it will become a footnote. It will be forgotten in the long run, the Articles of Confederation of health care.
  11. You think this court, with Barrett confirmed, would invalidate it? Slippery slopes are not inherently fallacious. Laws, and especially courts, work off of precedents. This is a bad one.
  12. Yes, but the precedent of the government being able to force everyone to buy something is a dangerous one. Next thing you know president Pence will be forcing everyone to pay a tithe to a church.
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