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  1. Most defenitly this should be implemented! Some ideas I see: Wartime: Events in Vietnam (60's-70's), Iraq (1991 & 2003 +), Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti (1990's), Grenada (1980's), et al. effecting candidates and their stances at those appropriate times. Cold War issues: USSR invasion of Afghanistan, SDI (aka "Star Wars"), Missle deployments, SALT treaty progress domestic disturbances: Watts, Detroit, and LA/Rodney king riots (how the incumbent party candidate is percieved as handling them, recovery aid, comments about it) Elections upsets: 1994 mid-term election (which stripped the democrat
  2. As you know, there is serious efforts going on to keep Ralph Nader in the race (if you're a Republican) and keep him out (if you're a democrat). All the means are legal that are being employed, however they look sneaky and nasty to the public. I think instead of primaries for certain third parties, there should be a campaign to get on the ballott in all 50 states. Plus they'd have to fend off the major parties if they are "spoiler" parties/candidates. How about: If it is a new party or independent candidate, they must establish themselves by actively campaigning to get on the ballott (like
  3. Don't some states have both porportional and super delegates? If I recall, Iowa uses this mix. Example: Kerry wins the majority of the vote, so he gets 2 super selegates and 25% of the porportional delegates, Dean 20%, Clark 16%, so on and so forth... And don't forget the candidates that don't do so well dropping and pledging their delegates to whoever they think has the best chance or who they think is the best candidate, but thats for another topic.
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    How about crusaders that appeal to certain voters? It could be on certain issues or it couldbe based upon the crusader's "platform". For instance: Republicans could get Zell Miller to woo centrist or Reagan Democrats and the dems could have Howard Dean swing anti-war voters away from the green party. Plus, have the news generate an article if the crusader does something noteworthy and allow the candidates to spin it! It wouldn't happen too often (maybe once during a week and only 1 crusader at the most-the real focus is supposed to be the candidate), but could give the candidate a boost or
  5. Darn right there ought to be consequences for legal challenges. Probably a signifigant reduction in score would be best, since legal battles would be rare and take place after the election night results. I think a trigger should be a very very nasty and close campaign. For instance if both major candidates have less than 51% of the vote and a close elecoral vote over the required amount, plus a lot of scandals would have to have appeared during the campaign.
  6. Now here's where things can get nasty: The Supreme Court of the USA. Considering that court challenges and recounts are being considered, why not have your candidate take it to the highest court in the land? This way it would be settled once and for all. This would only be triggered in close races with close electoral votes. Also, there must be some kind of legal challenge (recount, attempt to throw out absentee votes, etc..) in a state which could throw the electoral balance in the favor of the plantif from the defendant (to make the required minimum EV's or to break a tie if above minimum
  7. Another overlooked aspect is absentee ballotts and mail-in ballotts. Currently, Oregon is the only state that votes completely by mail-in ballott. Some states recieve their absentee ballotts after its live-in citizens have all ready voted, then add them to the total (usually this doesn't affect the outcome). However, let's look at some of the fun/havoc we can create with mail-in ballotts: Overseas ballotts: Tourists and citizens living overseas are being targeted with a "get out the vote" campaign in this election. In close elections, this demographic should effect the outcome in some sta
  8. After the 2000 election, petitions circulated in Oregon to make an "instant runoff" system for the Presidential election. This would have entailed that you vote (in the same election, same ballott) for your first preference, then select your second preference if your first choice didn't come in as one of the top 2 vote recipients. This would only have kicked in if the top 2 didn't get a clear majority of the total votes cast. (this did not make the ballott). Also, some state and local elections boards call for a run-off election in local races under these circumstances. This would be helpful
  9. When you vote for president, all you do is just vote (in the case of winner-takes-all states like mine) for all-Dem or all-GOP electors, then they choose the President. I think that a porportional system might be fairer for "disenfranchaised" regions. California has too many electoral votes up for grabs in a winner-take-all situation. Perhaps elect all but 2 electors in each state by congressional districts and the remaining two are "super electors" elected by the statewide vote? Politics aside, aren't electors able to cast their vote for whoever they want regardless of the vote in their stat
  10. Thanks Tony for the reply! I like to help add into games. The Sim City official site got an eyeful from me a while back... Glad to be a part of the process!
  11. Hmmmmm... Immoral agendas from the Dims? Well what do you expect from a party that condoned what that sex offender in the White House was doing in '90's? Looks like the 'Ol Gipper's ahead of Impeached former president Bill "Big Creep*" Clinton! Reagan was by far the best out of all those choices. However I did not see Teddy Roosevelt. That would have been a tough decision. It seems we started the 20th with a great President and thank goodness we had another one in the next-to-last decade (80's) that kept our nation strong and proud. Couldn't tell I'm a hawk, eh? *Monica and Linda's name for
  12. gop4e

    Alternate History

    All this talk about secession reminded me of Matt White's AH homepage. Stop me if you've seen it before, but here's an interesting scenario: Break North America up into as many nations as possible! I'm tinkering around with something like this for a AH scenario: http://users.erols.com/mwhite28/misc/balkanus.htm Only I'd have a few more contries Rhode Island wouldn't ratify the US Constitution and go its own way, "Emporer" Joshua Norton is taken more seriously and norfthern California ends up a kingdom , The French keep Maximillian on the throne of Mexico and the rebels under Juarez proclaim
  13. Thanks for the comment! If anyone is interested, I'll ask a friend of mine that's involved in politics for more ideas. Those are just off the top of my head...
  14. gop4e

    Other Games

    I got Shad Prez from the Underdogs, but it won't work in Virtual PC (I'm on a Mac for now). I even had it in a DOS-only emulation and still it's messed up... Here's my faves: No Greater Glory (Still haven't beat it) Balance of Power (Cold War geopolitical game) Conflict Middle East (play the Israeli PM and try to overthrow your neighbors) People's General (War game-China vs. the USA/West in 2008) Tower (Air Traffic control game-land and taxi planes at O'hare and DC National) Colonization (based on original Civ, but in the colonial Americas) Civilization 3 Sim City 4 The Sims Tropico
  15. Hello all! Just found this and love P4e and PM4e! Here are some of my suggestions for President forever (an asterix denotes stuff that can transfer over to PM 4e): *Media spinning: Spys in the opponents campaign and negative ads should trigger scandals. How about being able to choose how you spin the media? Such as press conferences, photo-ops, lawsuits, large-scale events, go on a news program, etc to respond to the scandal During scandal responses, you should be able to choose how you respond to questions about the issue, with the more riskier and farther-from-the-truth answers costing
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