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  1. Manic

    Halliston 1998

    In the longer version of this scenario I get a message inviting me to buy a full copy of the game. I am already using the full version and haven't had this issue with any of the other scenarios. The short one doesn't seem to have this issue. I enjoyed the short version, anyway. Many thanks .
  2. Same here, I've been checking the forum throughout the day . Hopefully we won't have to wait too long. EDIT: Looks like we wont .
  3. Could you please send this to gollyfever [at] yahoo.com Many thanks.
  4. A good little scenario, which reflects the closeness of the final result. The positions of the two candidates are exactly the same, though. A comparison of the positions of the two candidates can be found here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/7092737.stm
  5. I'm the same. Although, I might be tempted to give 2008 Gold or the London Mayoral scenarios a whirl.
  6. Manic

    UK 2010

    I think it would be a good idea to drop Veritas, given that there are numerous stronger parties (Kilroy is no longer their leader in any case). The scenario appears to be set in 2009 not 2010 (sorry to nitpick). There are a number of MP's included who are going to be retiring at the next election. Here is a list of retiring MP's which you mind find useful if you want to change the incumbents name to "Unknown": http://ukpollingreport.co.uk/guide/retiring-mps Thank you for uploading the scenario . I'm sorry if it feels like I'm picking at it.
  7. May I ask what the scenario is? (out of nosiness). Here is a thread with a similar problem, alas the solution was never found: http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=4920&hl=
  8. Out of interest, which council election scenarios are you interested in doing?
  9. Would have been an interesting one! Is anyone still developing any scenarios? It seems like, three years after the games release, the flow of scenarios has stopped. To be expected, I suppose.
  10. Or you could press the "print screen" key on your keyboard, open Paint, click "Edit", and then "paste". It will show a background image of your Desktop, though.
  11. George Galloway is on the Respect Renewal side of the split. I'm looking forward to this scenario .
  12. Could you please send it to gollyfever [at] yahoo.com if/when it is completed? That is, unless it is being uploaded.
  13. Could you please send it to: gollyfever [at] yahoo.com
  14. Manic

    Wales 2007

    Gollyfever [at] yahoo.com
  15. I would say that the Canadian edition is the best one, partly for the same reasons. The presence of the additional parties is rather nice quirk too, even if it does seem impossible to gain 1% of the vote with them. I only have Chancellor Forever, Prime Minister Forever- Britain, and Prime Minister Forever- Canada, however. I too am a Brit with little knowledge of Canadian politics.
  16. Manic

    Canada 2007

    Could you please send it to me? My e-mail address is gollyfever [at] yahoo.com
  17. Could you please send me all of the completed scenarios, apart from Cyberia 1997? (which I found on the scenario page, sorry if I have missed any others which can be downloaded on there but I can't seem to see them). gollyfever [at] yahoo.com
  18. Manic

    EU 2015

    I enjoyed the first version . Could you please send me the updated one? gollyfever [at] yahoo.com
  19. Manic

    EU 2015

    Could you please send it to me? My e-mail address is gollyfever [at] yahoo.com
  20. Is this of any use? http://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/medi...te.cfm/news/492
  21. When you're done, can you please send it to gollyfever [at] yahoo.com?
  22. Looking forward to this scenario, have you tried running the Scenario Checker and if so what has it found? It is your scenario and I am a Loony , but I agree that getting rid of the Independents isn't a good idea. There are other parties which were stronger than the Monster Raving Loony Party and so it isn't really fair to include them- and there there is the “seriousness” issue for some, I suppose . If you really did want to put in a few Loony candidates you could do so by putting them under the Independents.
  23. I just think it would be a nice touch to have more parties in the game. Although any additional parties would probably be fairly obscure ones. I can understand why some people might not see it as a pressing concern.
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