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  1. The date for the election has been set.
  2. If you wanted to try some easier scenarios- UK '83 and '87 might be good ones to start with, playing as Margaret Thatcher.
  3. This thread contains a few good tips: link.
  4. Sutch finishes ahead of the Conservative Party candidate in the 1993 Newbury by-election.
  5. David Icke has written some negative comments about the Green Party since his departure, including the following: Link, link (approximately half way down).
  6. USDAW have endorsed David Miliband.
  7. Another option might be to do single seat constituencies or By-Elections. There was a By-Election for the Douglas East consituency yesterday.
  8. Most of the MHK's are Independents: Link. As you can see, political parties have limited success. Would you be planning on using some creative license, making political parties/groups stronger?
  9. The Alliance for Democracy seems to now consist of just one party- the English Democrats.
  10. Like others I would welcome having the individual results in numbers aswell as percentages and an increase in the number of parties which can be included in a scenario.
  11. Could you please confirm when PM4E UK 2010 is likely to be released, and whether it will contain any additional features?
  12. Could you please send the 1992 and 2005 scenarios to gollyfever (at) yahoo.com?
  13. A good scenario, with good descriptions of the candidates. It's a shame that one candidate had to miss the cut due to the party number limit.
  14. Gollyfever [at] yahoo.com
  15. 1992 tends to get my attention most, perhaps due to there being a strong third party candidate.
  16. I voted for Newbury, due to it's rather "wacky" nature (having had the longest ballot until the Haltemprice and Howden by-election of 2008).
  17. I have read pieces on this subject in the past- Hugh Gaitskell often seems to feature in them.
  18. An enjoyable scenario . I was suprised at the lack of a Celtic Party candidate on the Isle of Man, though.
  19. Could you please send it to me? My e-mail address is gollyfever [at] yahoo.com
  20. Could you please send it to gollyfever [at] yahoo.com
  21. There is, in fact, a Bromley and Chislehurst scenario out there already. It's on the Theoryspark scenario page.
  22. Could you please send the Crewe and Nantwich scenario to gollyfever [at] yahoo.com
  23. Manic

    UK 1992

    A great scenario . The only real criticism I have to add is that events such as "The War of Jessica's Ear" and "The Sheffield Rally" weren't included.
  24. Not a major issue but the Animal Alliance Party should have a party goal of 1%, as opposed to having their party goal left blank, I presume.
  25. The error "Liberal is not a valid integer value" does still appear if all the minor parties are turned on.
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