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  1. thanks guys. sorry for the really stupid question
  2. I know theres a prime minister canada. and a prime minister australia and prime minister uk. But i keep seeing news about a prime minister forever. Is this a separate game from the ones i've mentioned? What country will it represent? I'm confused really on whether to buy prime minister uk or wait for this game
  3. I own president forever but is it worth buying prime minister forever: uk version? I know you can now play with 15 parties and instead of electoral points theres seats. The uk scenario was very strong for president forever anyway, so i'm wondering if theres enough new and different stuff in pmuk to warrant me buying it
  4. Well I tried to make this game but failed miserably. I wonder if anyone else has attempted it since i posted my original message. if anyone else has experimented i'd love to play their game!
  5. I've introduced myself in the other thread about scenario creation. But anyway i'm wanting to try and improve my tactics at playing the game and i'm guessing you guys will be really good at this. Basically what I do so far is barmstorm in the first state i'm in and then move about a few states whatever ones have the stripes on and make a few policy speeches about things which are important. I only probably visit about 8 states in the entire game though since i'm concentrating so much on trying to win the state. I use ads but only ever create one foot soldier and crusader usually if ever. I
  6. My dad bought this game a while ago now and i've just been given his computer for my room which made me play president forever. Since i studied Germany for my exams, i have a knowledge of Germany in 1933 and was thinking it'd make a really good scenario for the game. I've seen all the scenario's available and they are all amazing. Does anyone have a scenario for germany 33? Imagine it democracy vs hitler's nazi party beliefs. Would be really good! If no one has made it is it easy enough to make? I know some of the main issues in Germany at the time and the people involved but how do you go
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