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  1. Yep...one of the most interesting scenarios I have played....I played Santos and came just in behind Hoynes and in from of the 'Front Runner". THe thing that was most appealing about this one is that there wasn't really a lot between any 4 of the contenders ...I actually blew it...I was counting on winning Illinois and Texas (or Florida)...Hoynes finished 467 ahead of me...winning IL and TX - which account for 229...leaving me to find 10 electoral votes...I lost S. Dakota by 48 votes !!!... Off to play it again..... Cheers, Desmond.
  2. Hillary...did you find the bug ??? Regards, Desmond.
  3. I'm well on the way to creating a German Scenario...I have at least made the Ridings file which I suppose is the most important as far as accuracy is concerned. A question for the gurus...Candidate Strength If I show you an extract from the Australian scenario....John Howard has obviously got a pretty high value... Is there any rule of thumb that can help with the Candidate strength ?? For example (excluding the Party leaders which I supose SHOULD have 5) If the Starting Percentage (54 in the case below) > 75 then Candidate Strength = 5 If the Starting Percentage > 60 then Candid
  4. Hey...but the map is at least a good start ;-)) Thanks Jake.... The data seems to be a bit thin...I'll keep on looking...will keep you informed... Cheers, Desmond.
  5. Excellent research chaps...(Dr_Abc and jbirch). Have you got a working version of these maps yet ??? Cheers, Desmond.
  6. Whew...Cheers HabsFan...I looked at Hillary's posts and he does seem on the rather sarcastic side....I'll accept that that is the way he likes to play the game..VERY POLITICAL ;-) Cheers, Desmond.
  7. Hi HabsFan....thanks...however...I kinda knew that...and that was my point... When you have 50 States...to have to go through all the States one by one to see which of them has a positive momentum. Other games like this would have a pop up screen which would have the States listed with the momentum for each state sortable to see which ones to hit for efficient FS creation...see what I mean... Cheers, Desmond.
  8. Yes...AND....is there a point to your comment Hilary 08 ?? NOT EVERYONE is such a political guru such as yourself...!!!! I believe DR_ABC and Jake were just being helpful...any crime in that ???
  9. Did you not understand what I meant ??? or was my comment silly ???
  10. Hi Jake...Yes hopefully 80soft are looking at these notes in the forum and come up with a PR module. Dr_ABC gave away a great link to election results....It could not be more comprehensive... http://psephos.adam-carr.net/ However for Germany it only has comprehensive (by that I mean FULL Name of canditates & votes and the appointed members via the list system) as shown below in my constituency. You can see that BERG got in via the first past the post and that Singhammer (CSU) got in because of the PR and the fact he was on the list. Jake does your results extend back beyond the last
  11. Anybody know how to locate the states with positive momentum.... As soon as the game starts and you increase the countrywide momentum then it is probably prudent to create footsoldiers in the states that have created this positive momentum...i.e. a momentum of +4 will create a footsoldier in 2 turns (10/4+1) = 2 The onl way I can see is to go through all the statesseeing which states have changed to the positive... Am I missing something ??? Cheers, Desmond.
  12. Wow...what a reply...Many many thanks DR_ABC.... I have a lot here to ponder over.... Cheers, Desmond.
  13. I agree....PR would be an excellent addition as Dr_Abc said....Germany would be quite facinating as the last election in Sep 2003 proved... Cheers, Desmond.
  14. Hi, I've just bought all 3 of the 80soft games. Excellent...all 3 are so different. As an Irishman living in Germany I would like to create a scenario for both countries. So, I have a few questions. 1. Maps - has anyone got a map of Ireland and/or Germany (split by 42 constituencies in the 26 counties of the Rep of Ireland) and Germany split by the Bundeslander (16 I belive at the last count) 2. I suppose the best BASE game to use for Ireland might be the Australian one as it also is the Single Transferable Vote (STV) or Hare-Clark system. The German one though is a bit more difficult
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