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  1. Hello The Tory problem seems to only occur with Howard as leader. I tested this by creating a new character with slightly (althought not overwhelmingly) better credentials than Howard. I then played as the new character and secured a minority Government and played as a small party and watched as the Tories secured a minority Government. This was on Easy level. However, with Howard as leader, I've seen the Tories wiped out to about 20-40 seats on occasion. I don't think that anyone would even consider that happening in the real election. A complete wipeout in the South West happened as well.
  2. Yes, it's clear that the Tories can win when you're not playing them but... I played a good campaign as Howard on Hard level. Scandal after scandal came but the Tories stayed ahead until 1 week before the poll, when the vote collapsed and the Tories ended up with 27, yes 27, seats. The computer-run LibDems got 175 seats! I must admit that I'm not particularly impressed with this game so far. It seems to be based on regional swing - i.e. either the South West gives almost all its seats to the Conservatives or almost all its seats to Labour. An update is needed, quickly.
  3. Yes, winning with the Tories is extremely difficult. I managed to achieve a Hung Parliament by: - changing position on Europe to Withdraw immediately - getting the anti-European endorsers to remove their support for UKIP and go Tory - the luck of having scandal after scandal for Blair Otherwise, inventing my own character helped as well. But one interesting point: I chose Jack Straw as the Lab candidate and fought a deliberately poor campaign with few ads and quite a lot of negative news. Straw still gained a majority. I've got to admit, this aspect of the game seems to have been ru
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