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  1. Langdon


    The tweaked one works.
  2. Langdon


    Carrifel@gmail.com, svp.
  3. Djibouti Forever and Cuba Forever would make my day.
  4. It's nothing real big, because I love being the SNP/Bloc and being able to have +20 national momentum.
  5. I found a glitch in the game: I'm winning in regions where I don't even run a candidate. Any way to fix that?
  6. Campaigning in almost only Quebec (a little in BC and NB, which were the other two seats) and a really good ad against Mulroney. Of course, I did give myself a little manouvering money to run that ad...
  7. I also enjoy how the day before elections I was expecting to win four seats in Nova Scotia even though Rhino wasn't running in there. xD Boardbent ended with a minority govt.
  8. If we have both do we download both?
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