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  1. That has never happened.... and it never will.... you have to use real life examples to prove your point
  2. Sounds great, I'd make a scenario too... Make sure thought to keep Israel, Iraq, Afgainstan, and Saudi Ar. for the rest of the ME, N. Korea too
  3. Sorry to say but Kerry is running an awful campaign.... And is he crazy letting the scandal out about Bush??? He is already President!!!!! People already know about that and still will vote for him..... Just when the Swift Boat ad died off, Kerry allows this.... Watch his leadership and negative numbers go up, this is going to make him look like a complete hypocrite
  4. MattyN, im right behind you, #4 is within my reach LOL
  5. lol, if reagan would have been killed, Bush would have won every single state... so would have gore, cheney
  6. Why do you attack Matt... it was a PREDICTION and based on recent polls, a 8-11 point margin is a blowout (Like clinton in '96)
  7. Yes i get mad because some people lack common sense at certain times
  8. Remember the guy has got MS! And I just want to respond to this: He doesn't have a link? For godsake, he IS a terrorist! He's been mass-executing his own citizens for years. I pretty much see that as terrorism. The think i like about you horck dude, is that you arent radically left like some other people on this board. Infact Reps should say there were terroists in Iraq....Sadam and his cabinet!!!!
  9. LOL...right..... thats why he face a tough re-election in 64.... And why he was assinated in the first place.... Why are you so biased and stubborn???
  10. Byrd, isnt conservative at all.... He's just a racist liberal
  11. Horack Dude youd be my savior if you did a world map.... If Tom does the Risk like game with Democracy, Islamic, Commi, Facisim it would be the best game ever
  12. Im sorry dude, but you make up useless polls, and you post in the wrong part of the forums, it gets annoying
  13. Edit one of the parties, it takes 2 min. And why would you wanna play as the Socialists? LOL
  14. LOL, also why he beat an incumbent prez in his own party.... Reagan was much better prez than kennedy.... if you dont admit it you are too biased.... GHW Bush wasnt as good as Clinton.... And beating Monadale 60-40 is a a$$ whoopin' R.Kennedy was very popular indeed, and could have beaten Nixon.... but Nixon didnt run in 64 becasue he knew it would be his last hurrah, and he had a 90% chance of losing...
  15. SSvegata, Iraq is only the start. If Bush get re-elected, we'll have to deal with Iran, N. Korea and Libya at somepoint. Since China is corrupt we will have the full support of Japan, and S.Korea, although bombing their factories and just assianating their dictator would be less messy. UK would support us, and who know if the EU will ever support us.... if thats true, we only have a few true friends...I'l tell you right now... Iraq was one thing (they wanted "UN help") but if France, Germany, Russia, etc. don't help us in N. Korea, they are not our friends.... Kerry or Bush will have to
  16. A person who posts a scenario idea in the Scenario Review section is considered ignorant
  17. softi i cant wait fot the primaries!!!! Is it possible for a few people to play in the primaries online, then whoever wins plays the winner of the other parties primary?? That would be AWESOME It would be so realistic, like having a real campaign... Also is there tracking that will keep record of how many election we won/lost and margin EV, and %??? That would awesome too ;0
  18. I'd like to see you do all that work...then you can diss their scenarios...
  19. Although this has barley any standing on his role as president, JFL was basically a sleeze who treated Jackie like dirt...she knew he cheated on her, with many, many women Plus the reason Nixon didnt run in 64 is beacuase LBJ was undeaftable, after JFK died...NOT because JFK was unbeatable...Get your fact straight, nixon would have beaten Kennedy in round 2.... LBJ would have beaten nixon..... however if JFK was never shot Nixon could have beaten any democrat...see '68 and '72 .... '72 was a masacre
  20. in 2016 i think you should put Rice in for Santorum or just create her.... I hat Santorum..and there are much better future staars like Steele, Rice, Terminator (with amendt. change)
  21. Youd be my hero if you can create the recall election Youd be my saint if you could make me a Connecticut map
  22. thats very rude...he worked hard on that scenario and i enjoy it... Your comments on this board are strange....was there a reason posting an idea for a scenario in the scenario REVIEW section???
  23. Yes, people label Kennedy as the greatest president of the 1900's... Had Nixon faced Kennedy in 64, Kennedy would have lost, or it would have been even closer than 1960... He is overrated because he was killed... Rosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan and Clinton were much more popular... Had Reagan, Clinton, Eisenhower been killed, they would have been more famous and respected than Kennedy...
  24. Nixon could be thrown in as VP...Maybe even Ronald Reagan for '68...
  25. YoungCTrep

    Other Games

    Thanks Vols.... And in the demo, sometimes it brings me to a red map of thw world with a launch buttin, i press it but it dosnt seem to work...is it because its a demo?
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