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  1. I've neved noticed a VP giving a canidate a "bonus" in the VP's home state, even if that bonus is 10-20. Anyone notice the lack of a bounce?

  2. The primaries themselves are great. I'm sure the game crashing bugs will be fixed.

    My HUGE problem is the general election that follows the primaries. It is simply horrible. I was Hilary Clinton v. John McCain. From the begininng he had a 30 pt lead in California, a 15 point lead in NY. Hil Clinton was winning by 25 points in Arizona and 14 pts in Texas!!! Also DC of all places was a swing state! I didnt like how votes were reported at 4pm...this never happens. Obviosuly there needs to be an option to speed up elections.

    The AI needs a huge overhaul, because it is inaccurate and simply not fun.

    Two thumbs down for me until this is fixed.

    But with that said i love the primaries, the things that happen after are the things that need a major overhaul

  3. I cannot acess the download page properly, and ive ben trying to download the iowa scenario...will someone be so kind to send me the iowa primary scenario to unprocessed1@aol.com

    Thank you!!!

  4. I think USa should be left as one country....

    I think the whole US would pick the same canidate, and we are the UNITED states, regions would be strange

    keep Russia as 1 too....Russia's popualtion is in europe, no one lives in the Asian part (trust me ive lived there)

    In China however, diff parts support democracy, some communism, so you should divide PRC up

  5. what some call a terrorist others call a patriot


    "Bush and Blair ... don't understand any language but the language of force. Every time they kill us, we kill them, so the balance of terror is achieved." - Osama Bin Laden

    That quote, using BinLadens quote in your sig, and having the N. Korean flag as you avatar is sure to piss people off...get a life you are a loser, you post 300 times a day on this site, go get some friends and explore the world, since your brain is full of michael moore crap....

    and if you like Bin Laden so much, why dont you tell him how much you admire him?

    He will get a sword and cut off your head....you are so ignornat and offensive to Americans...

  6. Yuo should be ashamed of yourself Vegeta....

    3000 people were murdered on 9/11 by Bin Laden... Its not a funny joke, and its not proper to be endorsing Bin Laden...you are a sick bastard, and If you like Norht Korea so much, move there...people like you is what makes me have second thoughts on the country...Protest the War on iraq is one thing...but quoting Bin Laden as a patriot is treason

  7. Mr. Burns is a republican, alog with the news caster Ken

    Homer is probably a working class dem or republican, he is friends w/ gerald ford after all!!

    You could add George H.W. Bush, bill clinton, and g. ford, since they were all in episodes

    Lisa: Dem/Green

    Bart: Anarchist

    Marge: ? IND?

    Dr. Hippurt: Republican (appeared on an episdoe)

  8. i think it's foolish to just stop our election and then transfer it to another site with people who do not know us or what we stand for i think we are too far in the presidential eletion to just stop and start over

    LOL all members on my site are members of 80soft!!

    And I do not care what you guys have done on this board...my sit ehas been up since August, and I advertised this board since August...why didnt you guys join???

    And anyways, it is not appropirate to do this on the 80-soft board....

    Join if you want, and have a great time, if you are too stubborn, im, dont care!


  9. You dont understand....

    I didnt make my site just for your elections...I created my site in August!!!

    And you guys wont be running the show, I worked long and hard making the site, and if you have any suggestions im me.

    and SSVeagata, no ones doing this anymore so give it up

  10. You guys are so strange....

    I literally HAVE A SITE for exactly what you want....

    If you guys want to use your screen name on this board instead of your real name, feel free to, but use common sense, this wont work on this board....this is a board for the GAME not for a politcal sim which I already have!!!!!

  11. Thats not fair....

    Everyone is going to be a part of it....

    However once we get the House of Reps, the House members can try to run against the Senator of their state (or closest stat) and try to steal their place

    And once we get primaires, we will start our own!

  12. lol, u guys have been doing this for a few days...this isnt really serious...plus THIS IS NOT THE SITE FOR YOU GUYS TO BE DOING THIS

    My site has been up since August and its growing quickly and it is organized....

    There is an actual place to run for senate, and vote

    Im inviting every one to join

    Everyone starts off in the senate, ince we get ebough people (maybe 40-50) we will start the House of Reps and then have Governers

    We are about to start the primaries so apply for your parties!!

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