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  1. can't wait for future updates to this... v3 looking good so far. narcoleptictony@gmail.com
  2. Sorry.... this is the result of a game I played that was even closer. Now beat that.
  3. NH Prediction: DEMS: Obama Clinton Edwards Richardson Gravel REPUBLICANS: McCain Romney Huckabee Paul Giuliani Thompson Hunter After this, Romney will lose embarrassingly to Huckabee or McCain in Michigan and will have to drop out of the race. From there on it's unpredictable... but my guess is that Huckabee, and McCain are the most likely with a possible Giuliani comeback later on. Obama will go on to win Nevada and South Carolina, then Florida and will be then declared the assumed frontrunner as SuperDuperTuesday approaches. But I'm no expert so we'll see.
  4. This is without a doubt the closest popular vote I've ever seen... Obama wins with 2874 more votes than Romney. 47.79171% for Obama 47.78915% for Romney
  5. A few notes after fooling around with the new scenario: A week before the Iowa caucus, Kucinich has 3% in the polls. One week later he wins the caucus with 26% of the vote, 2 points ahead of Obama. He then wins half of the states on Super Tuesday. He does the same thing in New Hampshire. Something tells me that Kucinich's strenght might need some tweaking. On the Republican side, Ron Paul ends up surging into solid leads in the states of South Carolina and Michigan. By February 9th after being creamed by Paul and Romney, Giuliani has 10% nationally... which is a good 4 points ahead of Tom Ta
  6. I played as Bloomberg and managed to convince Rudy Giuliani to be my running mate. Strangely enough, this did more to hurt the Democratic vote than anything else. The Republicans ended up nominating Romney, and the Democrats chose Edwards. In the end, Bloomberg won 40% of the popular vote carrying the states of CA, NV, CO, MN, IL, IN, OH, FL, VA, DC, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI and ME. Unfortunately this totaled out to exactly 269 electoral votes, and was only a few thousand votes short of winning in Washington. So it went to the Congress, who obviously chose Edwards, despite the fact that h
  7. you think you could also send it to narcoleptictony@gmail.com? thanks!
  8. Hey. I would be forever in your debt if you could send it to me at narcoleptictony@gmail.com By the way... I'm currently working on a 1912 scenario... it's still in its very early stages with a lot of bugs but I'll let everyone know when I'm ready to release a version. Thanks.
  9. exxxxxxxxcellent. hehehehe. I can't wait for the details, let alone the actual updates.
  10. I would like very much to try this out if that's okay.... narcoleptictony@gmail.com. Thanks! I'm also US History major and I'll be willing to collaborate on any other scenario development you might have.
  11. Is it possible for the electoral vote in Maine and Nebraska to be split if one candidate wins in Congressional District A and another candidate wins in Congressional District B? I know that this is how it works in real life, but it doesn't seem to be included in PF 2008.
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