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  1. Well, judging by the polls this weekend it seems fairly realistic. Labour landslide looks on the cards. But I finally managed to win a game by switching the leader from Michael Howard to a custom created one who had more integrity and stamina. Did very well too. 331 seat majority and 36% of the vote. Won the Midlands, SW, SE, East Anglia and London. Came bloody close in Yorkshire and Scotland too.
  2. The candidates for Norwich North are in the game twice as the candidates for Norfolk North also. Norman Lamb (Lib Dem) is the MP for Norfolk North I believe. Or was, until I just kicked him out with a landslide Tory victory.
  3. Any chance of trying to win a seat with Screaming Lord Sutch??
  4. I've gone through the game 3 times now (moderate difficulty) and I can't seem to poll higher that 20-some percent with the Tories (Michael Howard in charge). The frustrating part is that I always seem to be doing alright (polling even with Labour) at around the 2 week part, but it somehow seems to fall apart by election day. This last time around I was 2 pts ahead of Labour with 14 days til the election and I ended up losing by about 10 pts. I had a devastating -9 effect integrity scandal that I had trouble getting rid of but....12 pts!?? I've been campaigning on Tax & Spend, Leadershi
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