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  1. Open Primaries are open to all voters while Closed Primaries are restricted to register members of the parties. Caucuses are local elections for delegates to state convention to pick delegates to national convention. Don't know how the last one comes into the game.
  2. it's cool to see p4e primary edition coming along, but personally i'm a lot more interested in seeing congress forever sooner (if only because there's one this year, and not a presidential starting for real until at least a year from now) any news on the congress version?
  3. Well, in real life, a resolution to invade Iraq had not passed the Security Council so the Coalition invade unilaterally, which is the most likely situation to come of the scenario: the "Indecision" party wins and the Security council takes no action in regards to it. It is possible to win as Bush if you can take France, Russia, and China, and not lose US or UK, and the same is true for Chirac in the vice versa situation. The scenario is to decide whether the UN takes action regarding Iraq: the choice was between immediate invasion or continued inspections. The UN made no decision in real life
  4. This scenarios I finally just sent it in so it's on the 80soft site now. After the fact I've noticed some stupid ploblems still (Schroeder starts in US) so i'm oging to fix those and re-submit, but it's pretty much completed now.
  5. What options did you use and who did you try to play as? I'll see if I can recreate the problem... Sorry, can't please everyone I guess.
  6. I tried playing with Mihos this morning and managed to win in a landslaide. I think the funds to cost of ads ratios is a bit large, cause it was a bit to easy to just run tons of attack ads, even though he's got a third the funds of the major party candidates. Also, just saw a funny article regarding the real Christy Mihos campaign: Some Mihos family members give to Reilly campaign Thanks a lot, it's still in progress.
  7. I fixed the link. As for Security COuncil, I might finish that this morning and submit.
  8. Massachusetts Gubernatorial Election 2006 (rough draft) Comments please!
  9. That's rather odd logic, cause I don't think the Republicans were blamed for 9/11 (except among conspiracy theorists). If Gore had been President, I think we would have seen an end to the idea that Democrats are weak on defnense, a smarter war in Afghanistan that, no war in Iraq, and a sustained multilateral battle against international terrorism. Most likely cnadidates in 2004 would be some one like McCain (for his millitary credibility and strong moderate support) or a right-wing placeholder candidate (like 64, or conversely 84).
  10. I think Haffley and Sullivan are the only two Republicans of those shown likely to run in 2010. I seriously doubt any real challenge to President Santos except maybe from the conservative Dem likely to be Speaker. As for Santos ideology, he seems almost identical to Bartlett on the issues (the moderate progressive catholic: pro-life, pro-choice, and commited to social justice) but not as hardcore neoliberal as Bartlett was (an aspect of his being an economist no doubt).
  11. i had thought of the first two myself very recently, imminient domain is a good one to add. it kind of goes along with the local control of public land issue that's been big lately, though it has a major differences in some ways, so i'll probably add it. the candidates are shaping up well in my scenario and i've been using excel to create a good approximation of electoral trends from the 02 results and the feb through april polling numbers. i feel i'm doing it a lot more carefully than the 2002 one so it should be even better. i made new party logos for Independent and Green-Rainbow (the Mass
  12. it's so close to done, it's ridiculous. i need to do descriptions for bush and blair, and put in the random events, or maybe do some specifically timed events... but thanks for reminding me...
  13. I think GDP/GNP are good if you're doing a Capitalism vs Communism thing... millitary if doing Democracy vs Totalitarianism
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