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  1. I just started playing Canada 2006 and I noticed that Stephen Harper gets only 4 CP's. Why? Based on what the help file told me, he should have at least 5. I tried to give him more stamina, but that didn't change anything. The Conservatives are well-based, so that does not explain that. What is the deal? On another note, how do we find out what HQ's morale is?
  2. If it is at all possible, can anyone please explain to me John Kerry's ratings in the default scenario for P4Ever? A 4 for leadership? What is that based on? A silent Senate career or his great time as Lt. Governor of Taxachusetts? Meanwhile Bush gets a three for charisma, stamina and issue familiarity. I know I can edit it to be true.....but I thought I would get the discussion started. P.S. Clearly the game is helped along by the developers(which I could care less about), but I just thought I would hear the argument for Kerry's leadership.
  3. Real fun, but how on earth do i upload a picture of my results?? P.S. It was also my closest election
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