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  1. Buchanan faced primary opposition for the Reform Party nomination from John Haglin in 2000.
  2. I don't think being able to easily achieve a unity or fusion ticket would be very realistic. Considering that Sen. Hagel isn't even an upper tier candidate in his own party of course he would float the idea. He's McCain-lite and he knows it so he'll do anything to stay in the presidential news buzz. Republicans won't vote for him because of the defection and Democrats won't vote for him for his various positions. I'd keep it hard in the game. Maybe adjust it for certain moderate and low-percentage yielding candidates like Hagel.
  3. '76 would be awesome as everyone and their mom ran for the Democrats and the Republican side had the epic Ford v. Reagan primary. I highly endorse.
  4. That was after Hart had already messed up. 1988 would be a great year to do the primaries, especially on the Democratic side.
  5. My greatest primary achievement so far was winning the Republican nomination as Duncan Hunter. It came down to the final weeks of primary season with me taking on Sam Brownback. I had enough political capital left over to get him to sign on as my veep. I took Iowa, skipped New Hampshire, and won Super Tuesday silly, giving me enough momentum to win states I never stepped foot in. I did end up losing to Clinton/Richardson in the general in the electoral college, even though I won the popular vote 51-49.
  6. Could you imagine the outcry if the House did choose Gore in that situation? I'd hope they'd do the right thing and give it to Bloomberg, maybe with a tacit agreement about Cabinet members or not running for a 2nd term. Who were the veeps?
  7. awww, looks like someone forgot how to read
  8. You should add Jack Tanner as a Democratic candidate for fun
  9. You should ask Abraham Lincoln and Richard Nixon how that turned out.
  10. George Allen is part Jewish and he had semi-frontrunner statis until his 06 implosion.
  11. I think the Democratic nomination will be really hard to predict, but I think ultimately it will end up going to Barack Obama should he choose to run. Putting him aside I think it'll be Clinton's race to lose. I think Romney is a dark horse for the GOP, but again, I think it's McCain's to lose at this point. If Obama runs, he wins. If not, then its McCain.
  12. Based on his comments on This Week this morning, it looks like Sen. Brownback will be testing the waters. It'll be hard for any Republican to position themselves as the conservative option with this guy in the race.
  13. I'm not really a graphics wiz. Is there anywhere on the boards or elsewhere that describes the process for putting proper pictures in the candidate editor?
  14. He's running, I think he's bored with the Senate and I'd still have the itch if I came so close to winning like he did.
  15. Thanks for doing all that work. I would love to check it out when you get a chance. npm103@gmail.com
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