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  1. That doesn't make sense, though. Shouldn't Congress, being Democrat, vote for Bayh to become president, especially since he also has the popular vote? Weird.
  2. Looks good. I just browsed through the candidates a bit (just got the scenario, so I haven't played yet), and I noticed Kucinich has no stats to speak of. Now, I know he's really liberal and is unlikely to win, but I don't think his stats should be that bad. 1 Experience for someone who has served in politics since the late 1970's? No issue familiarity, low stamina, etc. It just doesn't seem completely appropriate. That's just the initial observation. If you had a real reason for doing so (game balance or what not), then I could probably see why you did that.
  3. I'm interested! ThewEiRdOne27@aol.com
  4. What about have LBJ as an option but have him turned off? I know it doesn't work quite as well as one would hope, but it is the closest thing to what happened.
  5. These would be pretty awesome ideas, although I could see the interview one being a little tough for programming, but not so much so that it would be impossible. If Political Machine wasn't so "cartoony" and unrealistic in results, it would have been a better election game. P4E 4E!
  6. The media portrays him as more of a maverick than he actually is in order to hype him. He's supposed to be the guy -- and to an extent it is true -- that both sides can work with, and that he isn't completely in line with the GOP. Because of that, many people who only have a passing interest think he's more liberal than he actually is. That's the hype about him.
  7. McCain is going to have to run against his past (the 2000 Primaires) and somehow prove to the electorate -- if nominated -- that his age doesn't matter. The fact that he's around 70 seems to catch people's attention, and considering that the presidency is a stressful job, they should be attentive to that detail. Plus, McCain lacks the charm Reagan had to downplay his age, so it'll be difficult for him to shake that. I think the big point brought up is his mixed views within the GOP. He's certainly not the flaming liberal some people portray him to be-- besides campaign finance reform and the environment, he's rather conservative. I think that will come out in this upcoming election. It'll be the Real McCain vs. Media McCain. In terms of "front runner" status, it's a toss-up between Giuliani and McCain. Both are going to be trotting out their anti-terrorism credentials and talking as tough as possible, although Iraq will certainly make things interesting. To win the nomination, they cannot reject the war, but embracing it will most likely hurt their chances with the general electorate. McCain has the experience edge by far, but Giuliani I think can position himself as the "more likely to beat the Democrats/Hillary", simply because he's from New York and has views on certain issues that may attract Democrats (not for certain-- if Iraq continues to remain highly unpopular and unstable, Giuliani's moderate views on issues like abortion may matter little with the electorate). Plus, he has the "America's Mayor" mantra going for him since 9/11. In any case, McCain will have to get moving soon if he hopes to get the nod. If he manages to do so, it will not be as easy as it may have seemed two years ago for him.
  8. Maybe a Super Tuesday scenario is in order, here.
  9. It was nice. Took a few hints from it, such as tweaking the voter alignment in states. Otherwise, it wasn't that much different from the default scenario.
  10. It's alright, although some things were off. There were no debates held until 1960, and I doubt FDR in his failing health AND with a D-Day disaster would debate Dewey. FDR's charisma rating should be 4 (at least), not 3. Dewey wasn't known to be very charismatic (at least in the 1948 election, where he "played it safe" and still lost). Better 3 Charisma than 4. Other than that, it's alright.
  11. Best Games: Ronald Reagan in a 1984 scenario. Took every state (not including D.C.) with 56% of the popular vote. Won Hawaii by 10 votes. Gary Hart in a 1988 scenario. Hart has some nice attributes but is down by about 5 points in the national polls at the start. Defeated Bush Sr. in both debates, ran successful ads, and took 52% of the popular vote while winning about 310 EVs, including Colorado (home state, but starts in the corner of Bush) and Florida (Graham's--the VP candidate--home state, but also red at the start. On the flip side, I owned Dukakis as Daddy Bush in 1988, taking 57% of the popular vote and 477 EVs. In 1960 as Richard Nixon. Scandals knocked JFK out while I took momentum. Won 53% of the popular vote and 424 EVs. In 1992, I won in a landslide as Daddy Bush (46% popular, 450 EVs). I think everything went wrong for Clinton, as I ended up winning California and New York as well (Perot hurt his chances as he sank). I find 1992 a little unfair, since Bush and Perot have the ability to put more foot soldiers on the ground than Clinton. Bill is also covering more ground and usually gets hammered by a scandal or three. But that's politics. In 2004, I won as Howard Dean. Took 51-52% of the popular vote and about 300 EVs. Whomped Bush in the debates and gained a lot of momentum. I also had Gephardt as my VP, which helps in the mid-west (He and Edwards are dynamite, and really put holes in the Red States). Worst Games: Actually, I usually quit when something goes wrong. 2004, I lost as Kerry. Defeated Bush in the debates, took leads in key states (including Arizona). All of a sudden, my lead shrank in the last couple weeks. Bush squeaked out a victory, althoughI probably won the popular vote (it's pretty easy to do that in the 2004 scenario).
  12. Sorry to sound out of the loop, but how do you take screenshots?
  13. I doubt it. All other programs work fine on my computer. And believe me, it's a good comp. It's probably just a bug. As others have said, this game isn't exactly a programmer's dream.
  14. I just tried installing Election Day. But whenever I click to play it, an error message reads: Rune-time error: '429' ActiveX component can't create object Then I get what appears to be the playing screen (with all the options present on the upper bar), but the screen is just blue and unresponsive. This is why P4E is great: no errors.
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