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  1. I really hope it's a joke, because otherwise I can't fathom why a person would totally go the other direction from the rest of the nation.
  2. The actualy election is not that close, but look at the Liberty county result
  3. Aaron


    Wow, send me a copy? arunckel@gmail.com
  4. It was on hard, but I'm a nerd and I spend to much time on the computer.
  5. Aaron

    Happy Trails

    Bye, it's been fun having you on here
  6. WOW! Sadly my state stayed Republican
  7. Same for me, for at least the next twenty years the candidates will come in one of the three standard political packages, Liberal, Conservative, or Moderate on every issue. The room for none conventional politicians is gone, at least for now.
  8. That I did, sadly it was not real.
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