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  1. please please please release an updated version!@
  2. i guess some of these states no one even knows in real life let alone could program the game after. michigan has 60 delegates but with penalty 30. out of those 60, 3 are by congressional district however after penalty it may be 1. however those delegates could be restored. i'd even be happier with a proportional system even if not exact after real life. if you look at the delegate count now, it's quite varied so far irl.
  3. same is true on the dem side. is this fixable in a scenario or a game feature missing?
  4. many and most of the early states are. this is true on the dem side as well. florida used to distribute but after receiving the penalty for moving its primary up, went to winner take all. i mean this might create chaos in the internal AI of the computer players when determining to go for a state or night so it might not be an easy fix. i played the demo tonite and was disappointed with this. if this feature is fixed, i will buy the full version asap.
  5. so what's the latest status on the updates?
  6. it's not mine, so i'm not sure who created it. i'm just reviewing it [with a bit of play by play so you can see who i played it] and seeing what other people think. if you've played this scenario, what are your opinions?
  7. not sure what'd i switch them to. maybe 4 levels of candidate funding? Max Money: Thomas Golisano Upper Tier: clinton, spitzer, schumer, guiliani, pataki for national visibility? Middle Tier: rest of gop/dem candidates Low Tier: 3rd party candidates except Golisano
  8. Setup: Economy, Spies, Fog of War = On Dynamism = Off Gop = Bruno / Davis Dem = Spitzer / Suozzi Ind = Golisano / Donahue Green = West / Aronowitz Overall, I had fun playing this scenario. My first win in the game so I think it was a tad too easy perhaps? I lost NYC and Middle Counties and won the rest [7 regions total iirc]. Maybe the 3rd parties dug into Spitzer too much? Money seemed high, I didn't have to fundraise once and finished with a ton of cash. Ran three different ads and finished with 2 crusaders. Had foot soldiers maxed out in several regions from the frequent visits as there are limited numbers of regions and as they were going fast with early momentum. I liked the pesonalization of the state such as cities and newpapers. I'll give it another try as Rudy and no third parties. If turning off spies, reduces the number of scandals, then maybe I'll do that too. Lots of candidates and running mates for all parties. Not sure of creation date but the state may be a little too republican friendly [recent polls indicate dems way ahead of any gop candidate i think even including rudy].
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