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  1. The National Post was around for the 2000 election, that I am sure about. Before that. For the 1993 election you could just change the National Post to the Financial Post.
  2. This is a pretty good scenario, like all of HRC's. A give it 5/5. It's not perfect (ie, the National Post didn't exist back in 1993) but still one of the most interesting elections to play through.
  3. I was wondering about this too. I would've liked to have all the minor parties duke it out, although I think I know why it's been disabled. Not all parties have candidates in all seats; so by turning parties some parties off, you could end up with seats where no one (not even the incumbent) is running.
  4. Brice

    PM UK BUG: Ads

    Nope, I tried re-adding them. It says running beside the ads, but underneath the ads it says halted. And the ads are not being run. So to recap the bug: there is no way to resume ads that were halted if you run out of funds. EDIT: Also, the same thing happens when the ads backfire: they get auto-halted, and cannot be resumed.
  5. Brice

    PM UK BUG: Ads

    Maybe I just haven't found the button, but it looks like there is no way to resume a halted ad. I over spent on ads during the campaign, and went into debt, and my ads were halted. I spent a few days fundraising to get out of debt, but now I can't resume the ads. Awesome game though.
  6. Brice


    Nice to see our party reaching out to the Latin vote
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