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  1. This is realy nuts. [http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20080205/super_tuesday_080205] At the buttom of the comments some one type in with the name "michaelm" posted. I well never support Hilary Clinton for the leadership for the Democrats Hilary Clinton is not a social democrat nor a Liberal. In fact Hilary Clinton is the most Conservative of all the Democrat leadership Canadates. She gets 1 million dollars in donations a week. Edwards was my 1st pik but he drop out so I will pik Obama. Obama is a Liberal. So there is likey more then one I only have one account. Same
  2. J.Edwards was my 1st pik. But he step down. I will pik B.Obama. Hope B.Obama wins. (Note to Big M and michaelm(s). H.Clinton is not the same as your friend. Fact is H.Clinton gets donations of 1 million dollars a week likey from Big crops. No H.Clinton is not a social democrat like your friend. in fact she is most conservative member of all of the democrat leaders. Yes the democratic party is a Liberal party. If you wont to support a leader for the Democrats then Obama should be your pik. Would I label B.Obama as a Social democrat? No I would not. B.Obama is a Liberal.) Just letting them k
  3. Will you e-mail it to 80soft.
  4. Lets hope that happens in real life. Campbell ruin BC with his bull crap James and the BCNDP will clean up the BC Liberals mess.
  5. That is ture about the DRBC thay are a fringe party. All right then Frow out the BC Liberals and put in the BCNDP. Bring back Social Democracy for BC. BC deserved better.
  6. Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals ruin BC. It might be the NDP or DRBC form the next Government. Remember this Gordon Campbell was booked for DUI. Gordon Campbell is more like a conservative. Frow out the BC Liberals and put in the BCNDP or DRBC. BC is not use to Garbage Government Thay deserved better.
  7. I seen the damage what the NSPC's are doing. The NSNDP will win next election. Nova Scotia needs a Social Democratic Governmant.
  8. No? Appel please carafy to them what Darrell Dexter stands for.
  9. Darrell Dexter will be a Great Premier for Nova Scotia. Nova Soctia needs a Social Democratic Government realy badly.
  10. I live in the real world now lets stay on topic.
  11. Don't be so Off topic get real. Hear is the REAL list: Conservative: George W. Bush John McCain Stephen Harper Stockwell Day Jim Prentice Joe Clark Catherine Clark John Tory Ariel Sharon Michael Howard John Howard John Anderson Bertie Ahern David Trimble Progressive: Hillary Clinton John Kerry Al Gore Shimon Peres Anne McClellan Scott Brison Labor: Howard Dean Ralph Nader Tony Blair Mark Latham Helen Clark Jack Layton Belinda Stronach Charles Kennedy Gordon Brown Bob Brown Gerry Adams Sovereignty: Pat Buchanan Roger Knapman Carolyn Parrish Ian Paisley
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