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  1. I think there are a couple of versions of both. There is a Northern Ireland (Normalised) and not Normalised (can't remember what that does), Scotland I think had a PM4E version. Here are 2007 of NI Normalised and Scotland for K4E (I think if you just set Hare-Niemeyer to 0 in scenario.txt it will work in PM, but %s would need adjustment) Scotland was created by Peter Lucas http://www.sendspace.com/file/yscob7
  2. To start with you should get Campaigns 4Ever. Tho it depends which game you want to create a scenario for, P4E 2008 is the only one which ever had an editor. 2012 would be much more difficult as it involves editing text files
  3. http://www.sendspace.com/file/a9lnux wales
  4. How do independents work in Australia 'congress' version? Never bought it, independents play a big part in Australian politics. Do they also function as a 'bloc'?
  5. The way I simulated this in a scenario I created was set up a party called 'spoiled/write-in ballot'. I set the establishment, debating and stamina scores of the 'leader' low enough that they'll never have an impact in the game and near zero fund-raising. They can't actually go barnstorming around because they lack the funds and energy. If the establishment/leadership is low enough they also won't be able to make policy speeches, fund-raise, build any foot soldiers or spin any news What's the point? The point is they can still get 2-5% of the vote (depending on your initial %s) and their vote
  6. Farrakhan is the only person I can think of but he wasn't in politics yet 'Louie' could also be short for a given name/surname like Lewis which widens it
  7. I am still receiving a large number of crashes. After a little while on clicking on a button in the interface I receive an application error box and must restart. Also the strategy screen is showing 'xxx - unknown' across information for all primary states.
  8. Were the 1852, 1856 and other gaps ('36-'44) ever completed?
  9. Um it's meant to be that way and is explained. You need to actually do something to get the endorsement. As in the real world if Huntsman shows no interest/commitment/can't be bothered to ever meet with the endorsers they are not going to endorse him even if they like his positions. The passive/based on your position progress stops at 95%, you need to use a CP 3 times to finalize the endorsement (95->97, 97->99, 99->100+).
  10. A p4e file is a txt file, to open it just double click, and 'open with' choose notepad. If you say 'automatically use this program in future' Windows will know to treat p4e as a text file
  11. It's normal because it has so many candidates... a usual scenario has 500 seats this has something like 2000
  12. Campaigns Forever is for President Forever only, so it won't help you anyway. All the older Prime Minister games are modified through text files... the easiest way to learn and how I think everyone learned is to start opening the files for existing scenarios and making small changes. Make a copy of the folder of an existing scenario (eg UK 2010) and open the files in notepad Graphics are changed by replacing/changing existing graphics, the map .bmp and files in the 'images' folder (eg for issues). If you change the map you will need to change the regional_variables txt , the sets of coordina
  13. Hello elpolitico First, which game do you want to create this scenario on? If it is President Forever 2008 you will need to get Campaigns Forever. If it is Prime Minister Forever or Chancellor Forever you need to edit text files and it is more complicated
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