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  1. I just feel you often seem more "confident," in your answers to a lot of other posters' suggestions, is all.
  2. Yep, makes a response to @populist86's humble request, but not to mine (or at least never with any sense of commitment) that would greatly and immensely improve the game and make it a lot more comprehensive and expansive, and TRULY a great election simulator for all occasions and most elections (and with 'likes," behind them). I'd ALMOST think you just prefer to respond with any degree of commitment to the "easy," requests - but I hope I'd be wrong.
  3. Electoral systems other than FPTP and the Australian System for legislative (PMI and CI) elections, comprehensive coalition forming mechanics in legislative elections, parties endorsing candidates of other parties in PI, Convention nominations of candidates for PI elections instead of Primary vote, delayed campaign travel for candidates and surrogates and delayed voting results in pre-flight-era elections, a manageable but present "corruptibility," factor in the editor, a NOTA vote in jurisdictions where it appears, elections of small, collective head-of-state committees instead of single head
  4. There's a lot of features that @admin_270 really should be adding after several years that he's been dragging his heels on...
  5. Patine

    Alberta 2012

    As far as I've known, Aboriginal Affairs is a strictly and reserved power for the Federal Government alone, as the successor to "the Crown," who signed all those treaties, and explicitly stated as such a jurisdiction in the Constitution Act (formerly British North America) act 1867, and not altered in the Canada Act 1982. This has not stopped Provincial Governments from trying to deal with First Nations directly from a perceived status of legal authority, but the First Nations always tend to "remind," the Provincial Government of the exclusive Federal jurisdiction, especially if they don't lik
  6. Also, I'd strongly advise just using K4E to make any post-WW2 Italian Parliamentary election scenario (well, technically, post-WW1, but I believe there were only three Interwar ones before Il Duce seized total power) for the sake of any sort of accurate or sensible results, as it seems @admin_270 continues to sit on, and be committal toward, the idea of non-FPTP/Australian legislative electoral system options for the Infinity Games, despite the great majority of elections in the world NOT using FPTP or the Australian system. I can help you with the definitely different scenario making process
  7. BTW, did the Five Star Movement (the one with Mussolini's granddaughter in it) actually disband, or just get hit hard and sent reeling in the polls? I wasn't sure how that ended.
  8. I swear, I will put you and that other guy on ignore if you invoke Trump in a Star Wars reference again!
  9. Comparing Trump's inner circle to a reforming Jedi Order, and by default the Democrats to a Galactic Empire? Now that's just plain lame and cringeworthy - and ludicrously hyperbolic. I look forward to the day when I won't have to see Trump's face or hear or read his name - either being praised by his braindead lackeys, or yet another, "joke's on Trump," stupid article by his opponents, and he's only be seen the rare time Carter, Clinton, and the Bushes usually were. I am just bone sick of his overexposure, especially because he's just a narcissistic, sensationalist chump who doesn't even remot
  10. I would, if the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election as a whole interested me enough. There's a TONNE of other election scenario all over the world and through history that take priority on my personal interest and to-do list than one of six worst elections in terms of absolutely awful candidates for both major parties, and truly cheating any sort of possibility integrity and real, positive choice at all, from the results, along with 1852, 1920, 1968, 2004, and 2016.
  11. Well, I then say your perspective is remiss and molded by mass media manipulators who all want to institutionally marginalize Third Party and Independent candidates and viewpoints - the very same types you were just excoriating in your social media change thread (although the media manipulators are far more expansive and across the board than most people give credit for, because most today only call out media biases that target their viewpoints and tend to ignore, favour, or even declare are 'not biases,' those that support their viewpoint, but some with more clear views, like me, see all bia
  12. We still need Gloria de la Riva, Rocky De La Fuente, and the Constitution Party included, given they truly represent vanguard, true Socialist Left, real pragmatic Moderate Centrist viewpoints, and actual, true Modern American traditional Social Conservative values, respectively, which are socio-political stances otherwise completely absent of all of all other candidates in the official 2020 scenario, and especially given Kanye West's vote share ended in their neighbourhood of EACH of these three in counted number
  13. Now, now. This is supposed to be an election simulator based on sensible grounding and a practical view of events with minimal bias - not a pop-culture, primetime adult cartoon, dystopian pander.
  14. What would be wrong with that? I barely play the official scenarios as is, myself. I buy the game mostly to make and play custom scenarios. You make it sound like that would be a bad thing.
  15. Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the halcyon, good-old days of "fire-and-forget," game purchases (not subscriptions, but PURCHASES) when the whole game (barring comprehensive and sparingly-released expansions of significant new content) was available at once with one transaction. Where has this Golden Age of computer gone?
  16. When everything is shamelessly partisan in the United States, and the two main parties are eroding the nation to mud, what credibility or value is denouncing anything in the United States just for being, "blatantly partisan?" That's what I was trying to say when a rant slipped the gate. Now I must have a walk and get a coffee, and calm down.
  17. Just a moment of frustration.
  18. Everything in the United States has become openly to one party or another. This is why I've said often the American political culture and their corrupt, criminal Duopoly who rigs elections and institutionally suppresses Third Parties and Independents, and runs a campaign of lies and high crime, are, collectively, BOTH OF THEM, the greatest threat to American freedom, integrity, democracy, the Constitution, the Republic, and the founding and best ideals the nation is based on. No foreign power or ideology can compare as a threat to those things. The American Duopoly has betrayed the American Re
  19. "Have become?" I don't know about Twitter, I rarely paid attention to them, and every time the news quoted someone saying something on it going way back to it's inception, eons ago, it was always an irritating or vapid quote, but you can see the seeds of Facebook and Zuckerberg in that direction from their earliest days in retrospect, and some (like myself) saw it rising at the time.
  20. Is this a loaded question?
  21. I've never used Facebook, but only because Zuckerberg's views (publicly stated) of how the Internet "should ideally be as a whole," and his intrusive, deceptive, and insidious ToS, and his unannounced "social experiments," make him a bit Orwellian (and he was, coincidentally, born in the year 1984). I have never created an account, and thus never existed in his "Brave New (Internet) World." Even though I have had friends and family in RL pestering to join, or even just presumptively asking if I will, "friend," (assuming by default I have an account), and even though I missed one of my uncles'
  22. Most of my CI projects deal with foreign and historical legislative bodies without parliamentary responsible government but having an FPTP electoral, like my mentioned several time 1871-WW1 German Imperial Reichstag election series, as a good example.
  23. NIMH? Weren't they the group mentally-uplifting the intellect of rats and mice in that creepy '80's cartoon? Besides, quoting and buying into ridiculous "statistics," and, "factoids," that are obviously promotions of partisan agendas by EITHER side of the very toxic, volatile, and highly untrustworthy American socio-political divide is not recommended for anyone's mental health right now.
  24. My point is obviously lost. There's a general reason those Latin American nations held de jure independence (even if falling under foreign sway unofficially) for 200 years now, despite the competing spheres of the United States, the European Colonial powers, and later, the Soviet Union. I think you're overestimating the simplicity and ease they would be conquered - and viably and profitably held and controlled - especially by a slaver nation.
  25. The Filibuster Wars and the occupations of Haiti and the Dominican Republican in 1910's are very instructive on what I'm referring to.
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